Slow sales? What role does the weather play?

By Dan Wilson October 5, 2014 - 10:31 pm

September was a warm and pleasant month weatherwise and hopefully you’ve enjoyed the last blast of summer. (You HAVE Dan, you’ve been on hols in the Med for two weeks. -Ed.)

But whilst you’ve enjoyed this last gasp before Autumn, you might also have suffered sluggish sales online. It’s always worth remembering that a sunny day is the enemy of ecommerce and such good weather can be a problem. It seems that lots of people haven’t started to get into the mood and whilst Christmas might not be far away, the shopping hasn’t started.

I offer you two sources of succour.

1) It looks like rain and wind and weather misery are just around the corner so hopefully sales will pick up when that arrives.

2) You are not alone. John Lewis has revealed it’s had a pretty dismal September saleswise too. They haven’t enjoyed the sales they hoped for and have blamed it on the weather: “With the recent warm weather and temperatures of up to 25 degrees celsius customers were not in the mood just yet for buying cold weather products and this was reflected across all assortments,” said Barry Matheson, director, retail services at John Lewis.

You’re in good company.

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