PayPal glitch: eBay payments not showing #snafu

By Dan Wilson October 1, 2014 - 6:17 pm

Tamebay has received several reports that PayPal payments that have been made in the past few hours are not showing in PayPal accounts.

Payments are being shown as made in eBay but not appearing PayPalside.

Similar reports are appearing on the PayPal community discussion boards.

We’ve asked PayPal whether they are aware of an issue and hope for a response.

Until then, it’s probably best to sit tight and hope it is resolved swiftly. But then eBay business sellers are getting used to these glitches and radio silence from eBay/PayPal of late. ;)

  • Tony
    3 years ago


  • John
    3 years ago

    To update you Dan, my payments are arriving in my Paypal account between 60-90 mins after the initial payment being made.

  • JD
    3 years ago

    I have a couple of sales inside the last hour.

    No PayPal emails and not shown in the PayPal ‘my recent activity’ summary or reflected in the balance. But they are there and can be accessed by clicking the PayPal transaction details link from eBay.

    • John
      3 years ago

      JD..Tried that via ebay, nothing showing as you say.
      Shows “My Recent Activity” but no transaction relating to that particular ebay sale.

    • JD
      3 years ago

      Just had another sale, multi item this time, and clicking on the paypal transaction details takes me to the transaction details paypal page with a time stamp of

      ‘Time: 19:19:23 BST’

      Still nothing in my recent activity and still not reflected in balance.

      The wheels must need some more oil!!

  • John
    3 years ago

    After 1 week, glitch still not resolved. Still missing money for balance.
    Even after escalating to PayPal tech support…..

  • George
    3 years ago

    It has been longer than a week now and my Paypal is essentially empty*.

    This is unacceptable from a billion pound company. I wonder if they have been hacked?

    I have hundreds of transactions not showing. Except one or two where I bought items online using paypal, but other important data such as refunds, payments from ebay etc.. NOTHING

    This has to be dealt with. TODAY.

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