How to sell your novelty car tax disc holders

By Chris Dawson October 17, 2014 - 7:39 am

If you’re one of the unfortunate sellers of novelty car tax holders (Yes I know it’s “Road Fund Licence”), there may be a viable way for you to flog them which is more useful than the current crop of novelty “Yes I’ve Paid My Car Tax” discs.

Emergency Contact DiscWarwickshire and West Mercia Police have come up with a useful template for a driver’s next of kin emergency contact information disc which incorporates any important medical information. If you’ve a stock of tax disc holders you’re still trying to flog, it may be worth including a printed out template with each holder that you ship, or at least including a link to the downloadable template in your listing.

Of course there are a few things like residents parking permits or “Doctor on call” discs for which the public may require a disc holder, but it’s still going to be a hard sell. An emergency contact disc is about the best we’ve come up with to help sellers divest themselves of their stock of now pretty much redundant product.

If you’ve any better ideas to convince buyers why they should still purchase a car tax holder we know sellers who are all ears and would love to unload their stock.

  • Roger C
    7 years ago

    Not so sure about “novelty tax disc holders” has anyone seen this “novelty craze”?

    Now, in that the “last ever” disc is still valid for just under 12 months shouldn’t Mr Plod be a bit concerned that there will be those Buyer’s who want to continue the practise of putting a, previously stolen, disc in the window of an illegal vehicle?

    Not sure if eBay thought about that aspect when permitting these listings.

    • 7 years ago

      Put a novelty disc in your car, put a stolen disc in your car…. it doesn’t really matter.

      If you still have a tax disc in your car even if it has months left to run you can remove it. The police won’t be checking them any more and there’s no obligation to display them.

    • Roger C
      7 years ago

      There is genuine concern from motoring organisations that this change will encourage a growth in illegal activity . . . and, yes, I don’t think Mr Plod is that interested either . . . have they been told something that we haven’t? Is the “RFL” going to be added to fuel?

      . . . and for anybody thinking why would a criminal want to buy a disc with the wrong registration on it they’re missing the point. The criminal will simply put number plates on to match the paper disc and then confound the cameras for up to one year.

  • 7 years ago

    A few years ago there was a suggestion that MOT certificates should come with a tax disc sized disc which should also be put into the windscreen. Then when you were parked and the Police or Traffic Wardens were on the prowl they could see all the relavent information easily displayed in the windscreen of your vehicle. After all this happens with such as Buses(look in the front windows of the bus next time you board a bus).

    I must admit that I am not convinced that the new system without tax discs is going to work in the long term. After all the theory is that roadside and Police Car mounted devices will read your Registration Plate and know if your car is taxed. But many of the vehicles on the road could in the future be running around with false plates. A cloned set of plates for a Bentley running around on an old Ford as an example. How on earth is the roadside device going to know that they are cloned plates???

    Yet a Police man or traffic warden walking up the street looking at the tax disc and reading it and then comparing it with the vehicle would immediately know if the tax disc was on the wrong make of vehicle etc.

    I am not convinced the system will not blow up in the face of the bureraucrats who dreamed it up.

  • Steve
    7 years ago

    Its obvious: Put your name, address, date of birth, and telephone number in it so that when your car gets stolen whoever finds it will know who to contact. While you’re at it, you should also include a credit card number just in case your car gets towed!! 🙂

    • 7 years ago

      In fact put just about everything you need to get your identity stolen. I think that I will give that suggestion a miss.

  • UlsterGooner
    7 years ago

    Well as a novelty tax disc designer thank you very much for the idea! Northern Ireland still display an MOT disc, so there is still a little bit of life in them. Other countries have emission test stickers which are similar so perhaps once the deficit taxes have dried up, they can go back to taxing us on the environment.

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