FaabSocial Facebook & Twitter selling free for life

By Chris Dawson October 14, 2014 - 9:04 am

Faab SocialFaabSocial is now available for FREE of Charge for LIFE. No Restrictions or Limitations if merchants sign up before the end of the year. Also support, assistance and guidance is provided for free too.

The idea is that your social media followers (or anyone that sees your feed) can make a purchase with a single click. Seemlessly in the background stock is checked and if the inventory of the product is still available the buyer is taken directly to a PayPal payments page, with price and product information automatically inserted, to login and complete the payment.

We wrote about Twitter & Facebook Social media Selling with Faab Social earlier this year and since then there have been some updates to the service:

  • Schedule updates for your blog via RSS feed. Hence allowing to promote your blog and content.
  • FaabSocial recognises and identifies any valid or non-valid Twitter Statuses based on character limit. So for e.g You are selling a product, and its title on your website is longer than 70 characters, than FaabSocial will allow you to either disable that product so it don’t show on Twitter or allow you to edit the title. Benefit for this is that if the status went on Twitter, and Twitter cuts off the important element than the status don’t look incomplete.
  • Enhanced the analytics and dashboard.
  • Product Feed configuration has been improved and made simpler to accept all types of feed.

There are three different payment plans for FaabSocial, but sign up before the 31st Decemeber 2014 and you’ll get the top plan for free for life.

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