eBay results Q314 infographic

By Dan Wilson October 18, 2014 - 2:35 am

If you want a handy digest of what eBay’s performance was like in the third quarter of this year. Look no further.

Here is eBay Inc.’s own infographic. So be award it’s just the highlights and just what they want you to know.

The legal disclosure is almost as big as the graphics bit. Click to embiggen.


  • john
    3 years ago

    I got bored after the first sheet lol

    BTW its FLW this weekend again again lol and 3 days….is this for JD’s pay off or because forecasted revenue for next quarter is down.

    I reckon they need the cash and they will hit FLW’s hard on run up to xmas.

  • john
    3 years ago

    link to the help JD fund lol

  • Cambridge_Blue
    3 years ago

    Be interesting to compare this infographic to the equivalent figures for Amazon and some other online channels (e.g. the dying Play/Rakuten hybrid)!
    And yes I know they are not directly comparable but if you look back 5 years or so it clearly shows how badly eBay are underperforming and that this is getting worse not better.
    The only cause for optimism is the upcoming demerger of Paypal which will force eBay to review its eBay operations and the possibility for some decent senior management at long last once the ‘Hoe’ and his MBA cronies have been paid off.
    ‘Destructive innovation’ at eBay = appalling mismanagement and missed opportunities too long to list.
    This has been paid for by sellers not the shareholders up till now.

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