eBay Mobile Neg/Neut Feedback Warning

By Chris Dawson October 16, 2014 - 9:28 pm

Up until now there have been complaints from sellers that on eBay mobile it was too easy to click the wrong button and leave negative or neutral feedback by mistake. eBay have put steps in place to stop this happening.

Firstly when a buyer goes to leave feedback the Positive radio button is automatically highlighted as default. Buyers will have to manually change this to leave negative or neutral feedback.

If a buyer does change to try and leave a negative or neutral feedback a message has been added which pops up asking them if they’re sure that this is what they want to do. I have to say from a seller’s perspective I’m mightily impressed by the wording which reads:

Mobile Neg Neut Feedback WarningBefore you leave this Feedback, please contact the seller to see if anything else can be done to make your experience positive. Sellers want you to be happy – and so do we.

This is a very strong indicator to buyers that eBay would like them to give us sellers an opportunity to work things out and make it right for the buyer. Inevitably things go wrong and for years sellers have been begging eBay to encourage buyers to communication before leaving trigger happy feedback. It looks like they’ve listened. Great news!

  • john
    2 years ago

    aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh….but its all pointless if a defect has already been triggered.


    No point in dealing with the customer if a defect is created , just move on too the next sale .(because that’s the only way to counter act a defect)

    new system – defect created end of transaction

    old system – neg/neutral left end of transaction

    Its all a bit late if you ask me lol

    • jon
      2 years ago

      Have to agree; real lack of motivation once the case is opened and the damage is done, way too much stick and zero carrot.

      I also think that buyers should be forced to contact a seller before leaving a neut / neg- funny how sellers are expected to always “reach out” to the buyers, but buyers who never do wrong do not. Besides, I’m pretty sure that once the communication process is going from the forced contact, many bad experiences can be saved; but what would sellers know about things like customer service……

    • john
      2 years ago

      Ebay have said if a defect is created. the customer is unlikely to return or is unhappy.

      Taking that into account as a seller you will never please them and there is no point trying as the seller has already been penalized.

      The only way forward is to get extra sales to even up the defect.

      win win for ebay as per usual lol every defect helps get sales.(in theory) lol or get a seller naru’d. but that not a prob cause there are plenty sellers and not enough buyers.

    • Paula
      2 years ago

      Ebay lie. If it will put more money in their coffers, they will say anything.

      It is intuitively obvious to anyone who has been in business or sold on eBay for any length of time, that Buyers don’t leave eBay because they left a 3 or a Neutral … neither good nor bad … a “Switzerland” rating.

      And if that’s not enough, all a Seller has to do is follow the buying habits of a numpty Buyer and you can easily see that they continue to buy on eBay (and probably continue to slam Sellers scores … either out of malice or ignorance.)

      The results of the research studies, performed in EBAY LABS, are available on the Internet in a PDF format. Anyone familiar with research methods, knows that the data collecting process can be manipulated, so that the reults show what the “researchers” want to see.

  • northumbrian
    2 years ago

    why is it were expected to be grateful when ebay do what is right and just

    • 2 years ago

      Not expecting anyone to be grateful, just to acknowledge that they like (or dislike) the change.

      I’m still impressed by the messaging though, hard to think how it could be worded better

    • northumbrian
      2 years ago

      were not impressed its an added correction or after thought,
      ebays feedback system has been around in one form or another for nearly 20 years, pleanty of time to get the message right

    • northumbrian
      2 years ago

      what they really mean is contact the seller to see how much more you can squeeze out of the poor sod

    • john
      2 years ago

      errrr cause they don’t often do whats “right or just” lol

      it is news…..maybe a bit after the fact and now not as important as it once was… Again has only taken them a few years lol

      Would have been more impressed if they had done this when DSR first came out.

      But it probably took a team of 100 ebay employees to write that little statement and a year to get it past the board.(don’t forget another 6 months to get it coded into the site) lol

  • john
    2 years ago


    Your a bit grumpy this morning lol

    I am of to do some work, ebay need the money…golden handshakes and all that lol

  • Paula
    2 years ago

    This still does not address that problem, that SOME cell phones display the DSR stars in reverse order (5 to 1) AND that the stars are NOT labeled.

    Ebay can tell if a Feedback is left on a cell phone. There are internal markers, which customer support reps and eBay employees can see in the transaction file.

    If a Buyer leaves glowing feedback and all 1’s in the DSRs this should trigger an alarm in eBay, that something is amiss. It should be very simple to PREVENT or fix the problelm.

    Yet presently a Seller must run the Item Number Reports in the Seller Dashboard, to determine that a Buyer has left low DSR’s. Then they might have to spend hours on the phone trying to convince a bored CR rep to check the internal markers, and consider whether or not the bad DSR scores might have been left in error.

    And then it is a crap shoot as to whether you can convince the CS rep to do anything about the problem.

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