eBay acknowledge problem with File Exchange

By Dan Wilson October 27, 2014 - 4:42 pm

Several eBay sellers have been in touch reporting problems with eBay’s File Exchange service. File Exchange is an eBay service that helps you bulk upload listings to eBay in a CSV format and also download sales reports too, you can find out more here.

One Tamebay correspondent, reporting problems, says: We are supposed to be able to download an order file every 4 hours and as of 1pm today we have 8 batches showing as “In progress n/a”. This equates to 32 hours of orders on a busy weekend and for us is 365 orders!”

So it’s a big deal if your rely on this service if it doesn’t deliver, especially at this time of year.

And eBay Customer Support rep has confirmed there is a problem. According to the CS transcript we’ve read: “In this case, since we already have a reported issue about this. Our technical team is already working on resolving this issue. I will also be forwarding the issue you have raised to the technical team so that they will be able to check.”

There has been no confirmation of when this problem will be resolved but we would hope swiftly. Have you been affected?

  • Simon
    3 years ago

    I think file exchange is a law unto itself.
    I have an automated scripted that initiates a request from file exchange for all active listings at around 4am. Sometimes this completes within 1 minute sometimes it can take 5+ hours.
    You cannot predict how long you will be waiting for it and for a supposedly hi tec company, it’s a bit of a joke.

  • Broono
    3 years ago

    Since the 17th of October our daily active file ( avge 1200 listings) upload via file exchange has taken an average of 18hrs to upload, Pre the 13th it only took 30 mins or so to complete. File exchange help desk in the USA say must be down to where we are in the server queue ???

    Now even running a sold file covering a 2hr trading time with an average of 12 sold items to upload is taking 3hrs to complete. All our overnight files run smoothly
    We use turbo lister to list.

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