Would you buy an iPhone 6?

By Chris Dawson September 10, 2014 - 10:11 am

iPhone 6 lgApple have done what Apple do best and launched a new range of iPhones and an Apple (not i) Watch to keep their customers upgrading. They’ve also done what they should have done with the iPhone 4 or at least the iPhone 5 and at last increased the screen size to compete with the likes of Samsung.

For the moment we’re going to ignore the Apple Watch as it’s not available until next year. That’s a bit of a downer as competitor watches are already on the market so Apple will miss out on Christmas 2014. That leaves them with two new smartphones for this Autumn.

The iPhone 6 will come in two variants, a 4.7″ screen or the iPhone 6 Plus with a 5.5″ screen. The big question is, is it too little too late? Will Android users give up their Galaxy 4 or 5 smartphones or their Galaxy Note Phablets to switch to the iPhone, or is it more likely that iPhone 4 and 5 users will upgrade to the iPhone 6 instead of simply defecting to a mobile with a large screen?

For those that love the iPhone it’s a simple enough choice, you can now upgrade to a device worthy of browsing the web or watching a film on without squinting. However for those who either never had an iPhone or don’t want one, would a bigger screen be enough to make you want to adopt Apple?

With prices starting from £539 for the basic iPhone 6 and £619 for the cheapest iPhone 6 Plus they’re most definitely premium smartphones. But for less money you could get a Samsung Galaxy 5 or Note 3.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and Note 4Then there’s the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge about to be released which will probably be similarly priced, but with bigger screens, much higher screen resolution and better battery life they’re a winner for Samsung. Battery life has always plagued the iPhone and whilst they iPhone 6 family have better batteries it remains to be seen if they’ll last a full day before needing a charge.

Apple emphasised their new design for the iPhone 6 with it’s curved glass sides, but Samsung have trumped them with the Galaxy Note Edge having a curved screen which wraps around one edge of the phone. This enables you to see notifications and start apps without even opening the cover (great if you have the S-View Cover).

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are impressive, but very much a catching up with the competition than a market leader. iPhone users will love them, but will they capture market share and convert Android users?

Would you buy an iPhone 6 and if so which one? Also let us know if you’d upgrade from an older iPhone or if you’d switch from an Android, Blackberry or Windows phone.

  • stephen
    3 years ago

    I am still using an iPhone 4s and have been itching to upgrade my device but what i was waiting for with apple didn’t happen. I was hoping the bigger iPhone 6’s would have had a stylus tucked away somewhere on the device and i would have been all over it! I know i will miss the great build of apple phones and the beautiful design but i will be switching to the galaxy note 4 just for the stylus.
    I do a lot of note taking when I’m on the phone and love having a pen built with my phone for instant note taking, hard to write accurately with your finger if you have big hands no matter what others will try and tell you.
    just my two cents.

  • Inorbit designs
    3 years ago

    I dont like IOS or the home button, I like andriod and for business blackberry 10. I tried an iphone several times but always sold them on, as they are weak for multitasking and he OS is to linear when its used. BB10 is far better at multitasking and email and messaging based and i like andriod too, as it connects to google services well. But for me due to business BB10 has a slight edge.

    If i wanted an endless supply of fart apps, then iphone 100%, i have a Z30 and this is basically by the look of it what the iphone 6 size will be. But my z30 is older and better as far as im concerned. I love my wifes nexus 4 also, Its old but get the latest updates direct on the phone. No waiting around for months for samsung or someone else to make it happen.

    • Dean
      3 years ago

      I have had the iPhone 4 and now use an iPhone 5. When they are jailbroken they have been great devices – the jailbreaking adds the extra flexibility to customise them how I want them and not how Apple want me to have them.
      I recently saw a friend with a Note 3 and this gave me screen envy so I watched the Galaxy Note 4 launch last week. I really got hooked on it although I think the Edge is too much of a gimmick and some have said it is awkward to hold on one side with the edge cutting in to your hand.
      I REALLY wanted Apple to trump the Note last night when I watched the presentation. But it didn’t. It has the screen size that I covet but the specs were last years specs. I know from experience that it’s not all down to specs and that a lower specced device, if done correctly, can give a better user experience than a high specced one done clumsily.
      My contract can be upgraded on the 1st October and I am hoping that some tech sites will do some head-to-head comparisons before then so that I can make my mind up (I have tried Android before on my wife’s old Sony phone and was not too impressed but things have moved on since then).
      But as it stands I think I may be one of those Apple lovers (5 Apple devices in the family at the moment) who defect to the Samsung side.
      Sorry Apple. You may have lost a customer.

    • inorbit designs
      3 years ago

      Why buy a samsung for android l, better to buy a Google device unless its the note u want specifically. The next blackberry’s are going to be Really good as well l, I’m looking forward to the passport, and they will be able to run android apps natively through Amazon.

      But tbh I don’t game on my phone or use any apps apart from navigation. So apps isn’t really something that sways me from one phone to another. Apple need to get rid of the home button, there’s no home button in blackberry 10 that’s because it’s a seamless multitasking experience. If you can be bothered to spend 20 minutes learning it, which most people can’t be bothered too. It’s the most innovative OS out the three in my opinion but everyone’s different and its push mail I love after 10 years of push mail, pull mail just seems old and dated.

  • Chris
    3 years ago

    Having owned the iPhone 2g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 5, I’ll be getting the iPhone 6 sooner rather than later.

    You could say I am an apple fanboy, but I like their products.

    • spencer
      3 years ago

      and an ipad, an ipad air, a imac, and macbook pro/air and the new iwatch….. followed by a apple tv, the modem, the mouse and keyboard and a full 1tb of icloud.

  • Stuart
    3 years ago

    would i buy one?

    no chance. so many other equally good and in my opinion, more exciting phones out there. all for much less £££

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