Wanted: eBay Seller case studies

By Chris Dawson September 25, 2014 - 9:04 am

Would you like eBay to promote your business in the press? If so read on, eBay is looking for sellers to take part in promotional activity in October as part of the launch of Click & Collect at Argos.

They are looking for sellers in Birmingham, Belfast, Leeds, Colchester and Newcastle. And are especially keen to hear from anyone selling fashion, books, musical instruments, car parts or art.

Sellers will have the opportunity to feature in a promotional campaign – both the seller and their products. To take part, they will need to offer ‘Fast and Free’ items that are suitable for Click & Collect at Argos.

We did post earlier this month about the opportunity to participate in the promotional activity, but note the new locations and particular categories as eBay are now looking for more sellers in different areas.

To find out more, please send an email to enclosing a link to your eBay shop(s), your location and a daytime contact telephone number. If you’ve already been in touch with eBay they’ll be back in contact with you soon.

  • Hereford United Fan
    3 years ago

    I have tried to set all my items up on click and collect but eBay tell me my listings are not acceptable due to my postage options.

    I offer free second class postage but first class postage has a charge. Thus I am not fast and free.

    The eBay man (having waited 80 minutes for a call back) told me I just need to find a way to incorporate it into my business model.

    Do other sellers think it is worth offering free first class postage to every buyer just to be included in click and collect?

    • Dean
      3 years ago

      My partner is going to open her own eBay shop within the next week selling our products with the sole aim of selling all items with the free 1st class postage added on and embedded in to the price. Thus qualifying for click and collect..
      At the moment my postage in my shop is charged for.

      I have a feeling that some customers will be looking / searching exclusively for click and collect options only or Free Postage.
      And then other customers won’t give a hoot and just want the cheaper 2nd class post, even if it is an add-on charge.

      I think the experiment will be interesting and the results will ultimately shape the way I price items for UK buyers going forward.

    • A+
      3 years ago

      Have you tried changing your listings to same day dispatch? I didn’t try click and collect but I am pretty sure our listings show as fast and free when same day dispatch is offered even though we only offer second class free delivery and we charge for the other options

    • 3 years ago

      Same day despatch with 2nd class post will qualify for Fast and Free, but still won’t qualify for click and collect – approved click and collect Royal Mail services are: Royal Mail 24, Royal Mail 1st Class, Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For, Royal Mail Special Delivery™ 1.00pm, Royal Mail Special Delivery™ 9.00am, Royal Mail Tracked 24

  • Hereford United Fan
    3 years ago

    I offer Royal Mail 24 just not free. If the requirements are being fast and free and offering first class I might be okay.

    I might do a few experiments. I am thinking about keeping my second class option as free and then making first class free as well.

    In the past I made a mistake where first class postage was cheaper than second class and hardly anyone went for the first class.

  • Steve
    3 years ago

    Will eBay pay contributers or is this a case of spending our time to help advertise eBay? If I find myself so bored and with nothing to do (never happens) I may volounteer. Otherwise why bother?

    More eBay BS.

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