Transalation and Customer Support offer from E-motive

By Chris Dawson September 12, 2014 - 8:34 am

emotiveE-Motive have launched a new offer with a focus firmly on supporting cross border trade in the run up to the peak season at Christmas, and throughout Q4.

The offer is based on translating 200 listings from your inventory, which is done by their native speaking translation team, and can be from a number of different languages. So you could choose 200 of your inventory from France or fifty of each from France Spain Italy and Germany for example.

TranslationThe listings are done by E-Motive’s native speaking translation team, and as a specialist in supporting Multi Channel Retailers, all translated listings have an element of optimising and re-construction for the localised market, which is much more intuitive than some other software based solutions available.

You can have 200 listings translated at no cost. However the offer is in conjunction with the seller taking a native speaking customer service agreement for cross border trade, whereby E-Motive provide localised language pre and post sales customer service in a variety of locations around the world for sellers wanting to grow internationally. The Customer Service plan is based on revenue share from sales internationally, and rates vary, basically you only pay when you’re successful and sell. For further details contact E-Motive directly.

Marketplaces see significant increases in GMV across a number of product verticals throughout the peak season and sales cross border at this time of year are significant opportunities for sellers. If you’d like to find out more contact E-Motive for further details.

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