Sponsored ads on the eBay mobile apps

By Chris Dawson September 22, 2014 - 6:12 pm

eBay app sponsored itemsTamebay reader Stuart is among the first to spot sponsored adverts on the new version of the eBay mobile apps. So far he’s spotted listings that go to ASOS and Firetrap.

We’ve never been fans for off-eBay adverts, but Stuart says he’s been seeing them in places where eBay don’t have many search results.

eBay’s argument is that when there’s nothing to sell on the site it’s better to give buyers and option than to return few or no search results. It’s also apparently true that it doesn’t stop buyers coming back to eBay next time to start their search, having found what they wanted on eBay is better than finding eBay has nothing to offer.

I remember when eBay first bought out their mobile apps and I never used them despite Sue and Dan being fans. Nowadays with bigger smartphone screens and faster mobile broadband speeds it’s hard to imagine not having eBay in my pocket and be able to shop (almost, depending on mobile signal) anywhere.

What I am especially liking on the eBay app is the simple and quick way to swap between list view and gallery view.

eBay Mobile Gallery List viewsThere’s also a button to switch the search mode from the default best match to lowest price, highest price or nearest to where I am. Making it easier and simpler to find what I want or to choose how I view products (more on a single screen or alternatively bigger images) makes for a much slicker buying experience.

What do you like about the eBay mobile app? Are you like me a convert to shopping on your smartphone, do you use the eBay app on your smartphone, or do you still shop on your desktop, laptop or tablet?

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