New Flubit – Linnworks Integration & Webinar

By Chris Dawson September 23, 2014 - 10:12 am

Flubit LinnworksWe’re constantly getting questions about the best alternative marketplaces to sell on, and Flubit, although still fledgling and waiting for it’s Barclaycard Bespoke Offers roll out, seems to fit the bill.

What are the main things online retailers look for in an alternative marketplace? – Easy integration with no set up costs, no monthly fees and no insertion fees. Ideally no final value fees either but retailers understand they’re normally a necessity. Not on Flubit though, they have no integration, monthly, insertion or no final value fees!

Flubit have also recently made it easy to integrate with Linnworks. Previously the integration used Linnworks export/import FTP function and users would specify how many times per day update and order collection would take place. Now the new integration is API based and much slicker.

The new FLubit API integration allows Linnworks users to synch their Amazon feed to Flubit and keep it synched via API. Likewise users can collect orders and send order updates through the Flubit API direct from Linnworks. The only real requirement is that your products need to be on you Linnworks Amazon feed, if they are they can be sent to Flubit.

If you’re a Linnworks users (or are interested in becoming a Linnworks user) and want to know more about their Flubit integration they’re running a joint webinar on Wednesday 24th September at 11am. As well as an overview of Flubit, they’ll also walk you though the Linnworks setup process to start selling on Flubit.

With the Flubit’s Bespoke Offers project due to go live in the next few weeks, if you sell on Amazon and manage your business with Linnworks there are no downsides to adding Flubit and the potential for an uplift in your Christmas sales. You can sign up to sell on Flubit on their website.

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