eBay changes – are you ready for Christmas?

By Chris Dawson September 19, 2014 - 9:48 am

eBay are making a number of changes this Autumn which were announced in the latest seller release. Many of the changes have already been implemented, but have you amended your listings to take full advantage?

Here’s a round of the main changes you should be aware of in the run up to Christmas:

eBay Click and Collect Flow smClick & Collect

Go Live Date: 8th September

Eligible listings will be opted in to offer Click & Collect. Sellers will be informed if a listing has been opted in. You’ll get an option at this stage to opt out. Buyers will start seeing the option to collect from an Argos store. eBay are adding more stores every week, and it will be 650 before Christmas – that means 96% of UK population will be within 10 miles of one.

To qualify for Click and Collect: Offer FAST & FREE delivery; Use 1 of the 5 selected carriers; Royal Mail, Yodel, UPS, Parcelforce or DPD; Use 1 of the specified services from these carriers; Meet the weight and dimension limits (Max 20kg. No one side of the parcel can exceed 120cm and the second-longest side can’t exceed 76cm, including packaging).

Some buyers love click and collect, especially in the run up to Christmas. eBay are starting to roll out starting with Top Rated Sellers so if that’s you and as this one doesn’t cost you anything, if you can, make sure you’re listings qualify.

Free Gallery smSelf-hosted pictures

Go Live Date: Early September

Sellers who self-host pictures will now be able to use up to 12 pictures per listing in all categories, from the current limit of 1. This improves the experience for buyers and can increase sales conversion.

Don’t forget that many buyers use mobile and probably don’t want to click to your description to view images. Although there’s some work involved there’s no cost so add as many images as you have for each listing.

GlobeGlobal Shipping Programme

Go Live Date: From 16 September

eBay will be rolling out the Global Shipping Programme for sellers who do not currently show international postage costs on listings. Any of the seller’s existing country exclusions will remain in place and won’t be overridden. Eligible listings only. Sellers can choose to customise their Global Shipping settings or opt-out.

This is mainly a change that will affect private sellers. More details can be found at

Tracking FeatAfter-sales updates

Go Live Date: From 17 September

After sales activities such as tracking a package, returning an item or cancelling a purchase will be managed through a new, guided experience on eBay. eBay say that this new experience gives buyers the consistent, convenient experience they expect, regardless of which seller they buy from—and makes it easier and more efficient for sellers to manage their sales.

Buyers will also be able to use a new option when contacting sellers about how to simply use an item, avoiding unintended defects.

ReturnsExtended Christmas returns

Go Live Date: From 19 September

Sellers can choose to offer extended returns this Christmas by extending their returns window until 31 January 2015 for purchases made between 1 November and 31 December 2014. eBay Top Rated sellers will need to offer extended returns to continue to receive eBay Premium Service benefits.

eBay Shops FeatNew Shop front look and feel

Go Live Date: Coming Soon

For sellers who have not updated their Shop and do not use a customised design, eBay will update the look of their eBay Shop to give them a modern new layout to help turn browsers into buyers. It’ll give your shop a more visual personalised look and feel with extra free features.

Sellers will be notified before their shop is updated so you’ll know when to expect yours to change.

  • A+
    3 years ago

    With regard to the weight and dimensions restrictions for click and collect, if those are not specified in a listing, does this make the listing automatically ineligible?

    • Tim
      3 years ago

      Hi A,
      This works without needing to input the dimensions etc.

      You should be able to see this by going to revise listing and you’ll have a click and collect button near your postage rules

    • A+
      3 years ago

      thank you

  • 3 years ago

    There is much talk about extending the returns for the xmas period from today, but i cant find anywhere how to actually implement it??

  • 3 years ago

    I am interested in two new updates:

    1. Global Shipping program which is a great help to UK Sellers to get that extra revenue from global sales reducing the cost

    2. NEW store front with less customisable features & mobile responsive


    This will eliminate any need to customised eBay Store design which lot buyers don’t see anyway.

  • Steve
    3 years ago

    New Shop Look? If eBay apply this to everyone then it seems pointless and of zero benefit as everyones listings will all look the same. And besides, eBay will probably screw up the tech side like they usualy do. I just hope I can opt out and change nothing, that way my listings will look unique! 🙂

    • 3 years ago

      Let’s hope so Steve and based on this page on eBay

      it clearly says this is an optional feature for those sellers who are not using customised page and even if you tried the new shop you can always go back.

      Product images are becoming a BIG part of eCommerce. Amazon already allows “enlarge” function for the large images and eBay is doing the same.

      There are some benefits of new store but you are the BOSS and you can make your decision.

    • Jono
      3 years ago

      Funny you should say “eBay will probably screw up the tech side like they usually do”.

      We switched to the new design a few months ago and on three separate occasions all, yes ALL our listings vanished form the shop! They were still in search, thank goodness but the shop said nothing there. As soon as we switched back to old design all was back to normal.

      Also, with the new shop, if you list directly in international countries like Australia or the US, all their listings also appear in the shop regardless of country or listing postage restrictions – it is very messy and the buyer sees multiple items at different prices (due to exchange rates) next to each other in the shop.

      I wish eBay would fix these types of errors rather than spending all their time putting restrictions on all sellers (defects)!!

  • Vera
    3 years ago

    I’m just a private seller, don’t sell huge quantities. But have small clientele for some homemade products.

    Recently I received a lot of interest from buyers in Turkey, unfortunately I started receiving bad postage reviews because eBay overcharge Turkish buyers with RM postage. They should be charged the same as European countries, but eBay charges them at world zone 1 rates.

    I have reported this to eBay on numerous occasions, they always respond with, yes we are doing something about it, sadly they don’t.

    • 3 years ago

      Couldn’t you ask any winners from Turkey to wait for you to send them an invoice before they pay (put this in the item description) and you manually change the value in the invoice you send them?

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