eBay add Click and Collect to more listings

By Chris Dawson September 11, 2014 - 8:19 am

ArgoseBay have announced that they’re starting to roll out Click and Collect at Argos to more sellers starting this week.

eBay will be starting with Top Rated Sellers so if your listings are eligible you may be amongst the first. They’ll continue to add the option to listings but it’ll be 2015 before every seller starts to see them.

How to qualify

  • Offer FAST & FREE delivery
  • Use 1 of the 5 selected carriers; Royal Mail, Yodel, UPS, Parcelforce or DPD.
  • Use 1 of the specified services from these carriers.


    Approved service

    Royal Mail Royal Mail 24, Royal Mail 1st Class, Royal Mail 1st ClassSigned For, Royal Mail Special Delivery™ 1.00pm, Royal Mail Special Delivery™ 9.00am, Royal Mail Tracked 24
    Parcelforce Parcelforce 24, Parcelforce 48
    UPS UPS Next Day (UPS Express & UPS Standard)
    DPD DPD Next Day, DPD Two Day
    Yodel Yodel 24, Yodel 48
  • Meet the weight and dimension limits (Max 20kg. No one side of the parcel can exceed 120cm and the second-longest side can’t exceed 76cm, including packaging)

You must ensure that if you currently use ‘Other 24 hour’ or ‘Other 48 hour courier’ you’ll need to update your listing(s) to reflect 1 of the 5 selected carriers. Also make sure you add the weight & dimensions to all of your listings.

Should you offer Click and Collect?

We’ve heard from many readers that they’re not interested in Click and Collect and would prefer to have their items delivered to home. We understand that, Click and Collect isn’t for everyone. The fact remains however that many of your customers obviously do want to collect their parcels at a convenient location at a time of their preference and that’s why Click and Collect should be of interest to you.

If you already offer one of the qualifying services all you need do is make sure that you enter weight and dimensions when listing. From then on the one and only difference between delivering to a customers home or work address is that there’ll be a 6 digit identifier code in the second line of the address. Whichever software package you use to produce your labels will automatically print this out, or if you cut and paste addresses or hand write them you’ll need to include this code.

How close is your nearest Argos Click and Collect Store?

To find out where you nearest Click and Collect Argos shop is simply go to any listing offering Click and Collect and click on the Postage Tab. Sadly I won’t be using the service any time soon as the local Newbury store still isn’t offering the service. To use Click and Collect I’d have a 26 mile round trip and that’s just not going to happen.

Argos Click and Collect near Newbury

How near is your nearest Argos store offering Click and Collect? Hopefully it’s nearer than mine and you can test the service out and let us know what you think.

  • Rachael - Thingimijigs
    3 years ago

    Do you know it you have to manually add sizes to all listings? – I thought it would be ok, and you just opted out if the item exceeded the maximum size? (as alterings one by one is a BIG job, but packages are all different sizes- ) – what is everyone else doing?

    • Toby
      3 years ago

      It looks like you need to the sizing info on each & every listing!!

      We where going to use it & got the staff to measure the larger items that are more than120cm to add the measurements, so they’re excluded from C&C.

      None of our listings have the C&C option & we’re TRS.
      We’re not adding the measurements to our 4000 listings or we will bulk edit the lot & make them all 200cm x 200cm x 200cm to opt of C&C & MR

    • Rachael - Thingimijigs
      3 years ago

      Cheers, I was happy to have it as an option, but not if I have to go and add manually to all the listings – 99% will be under their size and weight limits, so perhaps I should just bulk edit and put under the max sizes for those item?

      As long as we are not charged any more, then it seems a good thing to add – not sure how many customers will use it -but at least it is an option for them, …but not if I have to manually add to every listing

    • David P
      3 years ago

      I don’t think you ned to add that info actually. I was worried about this too and had a look into it and it seems that you simply need to opt out the listings that cannot qualify or you risk not getting the items back or delivered.
      I have not read anywhere, or been told by CS in my phone call, that the dimensions needed to be entered.

    • David P
      3 years ago

      Here is what it says on the help page
      “Your item must be less than 20kg. No one side of the parcel can exceed 120cm and the second-longest side can’t exceed 76cm, including packaging. If you sell items over these limits, make sure you’ve stated that in your listing or opted out these listings. Any items that are too large will be rejected at Argos and possibly disposed of.”

  • northumbrian
    3 years ago

    click and collect
    fast and free
    3 months returns

    LEMMINGS jumping off the cliff

    anyone thought to remind ebay were here for our profit not theirs

  • 3 years ago

    We tested the systems (as a buyer, to see the other side of how it would work) and found that they were telling buyers their items would arrive before it was physically possible to get them there. Ebay need to sort out this miscalculation first. As telling customers that an item will arrive in 24 hours and at 8am, that morning, is misleading.
    Furthermore, the text notification wasn’t working and the item actually arrived later than it would if it was posted.
    Not all Argos outlets are available which might also disappoint customers who see it offered on listings.
    All in all, It looks like it will generate more defects than we can currently afford to suffer, so we’ll be letting the kinks straighten out first, before offering this to our customers.
    A shame really.

  • Leno
    3 years ago

    We’ve been trialling Click & Collect for 3 months or so now, less than 1% of our eBay buyers select it.

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