CTO Mark Carges quits eBay

By Dan Wilson September 11, 2014 - 4:31 pm

eBay has announced today that its Chief Technology Officer and head of tech is to leave the company to spend more time with his family. As we come to the busiest time in the ecommerce year, after a series of eBay tech whoopsies, it’s very tempting to wonder whether the reason given isn’t a euphemism.

Apparently Carges was already on leave dealing with the “family matter”and has decided not to return. Additionally eBay has reportedly already hired a CTO for the marketplaces division of the business – Salesforce executive Steve Fisher.

It’s also not been a great year for retaining talent at eBay’s top table. David Marcus left as head of PayPal earlier in the year and hasn’t been replaced.

Anyhow, here is the statement from eBay in full: “”Mark Carges, SVP and eBay Inc. Chief Technology Officer, has made the difficult decision to resign from eBay Inc. in order to focus on a family matter.

During the past five years, Mark has made countless contributions to eBay Inc. and its businesses. From overhauling search, and steering upgrades to the eBay Enterprise technology portfolio, to accelerating innovation through a number of strategic acquisitions, Mark has been instrumental to eBay’s success. Among his greatest contributions is his effort to develop eBay technologists, expand their career and increase eBay’s technology presence in India and China. Mark leaves eBay Inc. with a strong leadership team in place and a strong legacy that positions eBay Inc. as an innovative and strong company for future global growth.

Mark will continue to serve on several boards, but he’ll be taking a step back from a full time operating role in order to prioritize time with his family.

We thank Mark for his many contributions to eBay Inc. and wish him and his family the very best.”

  • dimitrios
    3 years ago

    The guy quits after an outage…and guess what? another outage today! eBay is Down since 10:30 in the morning UK time. Worldwide outage by the looks of it….

    Well done eBay…Another way to hurt your reputation

  • oldhand
    3 years ago

    “Mark has been instrumental to eBay’s success.”

    In the last five years eBay has got worse at a faster pace than in the previous five. I think 2003/4 time was eBay’s heyday.

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