Are Amazon about to hide your listings?

By Chris Dawson September 3, 2014 - 7:54 am

Amazon Suppressed ListingsIf you’re selling Fashion on Amazon you might want to keep an eye on your “Suppressed Listings view in Manage Inventory in Seller Central”. They’ve just put out a notice that if your listings aren’t in tip top shape they’re not going to be shown to potential customers.

Amazon say “Our style guides for Fashion categories (e.g. Clothing, Shoes, Jewellery, Watches and Luggage) set out requirements for listings in those categories. Our research shows that listings that meet the style guide requirements improve the customer experience. Based on that research, we have decided to hide (suppress) listings that do not meet certain standards“.

Starting from the 22nd of October Amazon will hide the following UK Fashion categories from search and browse:

  • Child listings (excluding Accessories, Jewellery and Watches) created on or after 22 October 2014 that have a missing colour value (colour_name, colour_map).
  • Child listings (excluding Accessories, Jewellery, Watches and Luggage) created on or after 22 October 2014 that have a missing size value (size_name, size_map).
  • Child listings (excluding Accessories, Jewellery and Watches) created on or after 22 October 2014 that have a missing EAN (external_product_id) for brands with products that have EANs.
  • Child listings created on or after 22 October 2014 with a main image that does not have a pure white background (i.e. an RGB value of 255).

To learn more see “Suppressed Listings” in Amazon Seller Help. For more information on the listing requirements you should read the relevant style guide in Seller Help e.g. Shoes & Handbags and Clothing & Accessories.

It’s worth noting that Amazon say that they already suppress listings in Automotive Parts & Accessories, Books, Magazines, Music, Software, Video, Video Games and Video DVD so keep a close eye on your account. You’re not going to sell anything in the run up to Christmas if your listings are suppressed.

  • jo
    7 years ago

    About time too.
    Shame it only applies to new listings. Sick of tacky chinese copy rubbish coming up in the branded categories with crappy pictures. They only show up because the sellers keyword spam with famous brands. So irritating and misleading. Amazon should sort that out next!

  • peter stanley
    7 years ago

    I have just checked and there isn’t a suppressed listings view when I go to my inventory, is this because I have the “old” style account?
    I have an “improve listing quality” but they all say “active but with quality alerts” but I know from trying previously that sometimes when you try and fix them the fixes are not always accepted and a few days later they revert to the original settings all over again so you think why waste my time.

    • Dean Smith
      7 years ago

      When you click on “Improve Listing Quality” do you see the link to generate a report?

    • peter stanley
      7 years ago

      Hi Dean no I don’t get that, I presume you have to pay the pro fees to get feeds which I don’t.

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