EMAIL launch new Visa Rewards card

By Chris Dawson September 8, 2014 - 10:27 am

Amazon Com RewardsAmazon recently scrapped their rewards cards which was an Amazon MasterCard provided by MBNA, part of Bank America. Now, in the US at least, they’ve launched a new Rewards Visa card with Chase Bank (J P Morgan).

Users of the card will get 3% Back from Amazon purchase, 2% at petrol station, restaurants and drug stores and 1% on all other purchases. % Back rewards are earned as points, card holders will get one point for every penny they earn in % Back rewards. However users of the US card will get no Back rewards for purchases on overseas Amazon sites (e.g. EU sites).

Back rewards can be redeemed for instant savings at checkout on qualifying purchases. Users can also redeem Back rewards for cash back, gift cards and travel through Amazon’s travel redemption center.

As a sign up bonus a $30 Gift Card will be instantly loaded into user’s accounts upon the approval of their credit card application.

Currently we’ve no news of when a new rewards card will be available, but we suspect it’ll be launched soon. simply have a message reading “Thank you for your interest in Credit products. This page is currently being updated. We appreciate your patience. Please return later to apply for your Amazon Credit product. Thank you.

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