100 free listings invite only private sellers

By Chris Dawson September 19, 2014 - 11:07 pm

There are 100 free listings this weekend for some lucky private sellers. This time around you can use either auction-style or fixed price format and there’ll be no insertion fees to pay.

However it is an invitation only promotion so check your messages to see if you’re included. If you are the promotion runs from Saturday 20th to Monday 22nd, so you’ve got three days to get your listings done.

as normal are on eBay.

  • 3 years ago

    There appears to be a Free Listing Weekend on this weekend. It is for 200 items as against the usual 100 and covers Saturday 27th to Tuesday 30th September. There are a number of problems. The first is that while I noticed today(Monday) a flashing advert for it I have been on ebay several times over the weekend and seen absolutely nothing on either Saturday or Sunday advertising that it was on.

    Also while I have noticed a flashing advert when I went on later it had disappeared. Then I saw something else elsewhere but again it appeared to be only there for a short time. Can somebody explain why ebay is trying to hide the fact that there is a Free Listing Weekend and did not start to advertise it until it was half over.

    I wonder if anybody else has seen the almost invisible adverts.

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