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By Dan Wilson August 6, 2014 - 8:09 am

It’s always worth giving a shout out to you all. You’re all doing fascinating things and running exciting businesses.

It’s actually quite bewildering how much is going on in the ecommerce world. Of course, Chris and I keep our antennae switched on… but we do miss stuff. And we don’t want you to be shy about what you’re doing. So don’t be backwards about coming forwards.

So here’s just a little reminder about things we are always writing about and want to hear about because we want to share them with the broader Tamebay readership:

– Events. Be they online or a a meet up. Let us know. We want to spread the word.

– Your publications. eBooks, downloads, white papers and the like. We’re always happy to plug them if they have an ecommerce flavour or an SME interest. So do let us know what you’ve got.


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