Scottish independence referendum vote worth £1.04 on eBay

By Dan Wilson August 29, 2014 - 12:58 pm

If you’ve ever wanted to know how much a vote is worth then now we know: £1.04.

Well, that’s the price that one Scottish seller in Glasgow got to before eBay pulled their sale of their Independence Referendum vote. The Scottish people will vote in the indyref on 18th September.

The seller said in the description “This is my very own unique piece of British History! It is my personal YES or NO vote for the upcoming Scottish Referendum in September. I for one, do not give a flying monkeys about any of this. This could be the deciding vote. Who knows?”

Well, needless to say you’re not allowed to sell your vote on eBay (or indeed at all I imagine). But it’s interesting to note that eBay has hooked up with the Electoral Commission on this one. Which was news to me.

eBay says: “In addition to our own investigations, eBay uses reports from users and advice from third party experts to keep eBay safe and to ensure that items of concern are not listed for sale. The Electoral Commission has an agreement in place where we remove upon request any items posted on eBay that relate to an individual’s vote where the Commission has concerns that this could lead to the law being broken.”

  • 3 years ago

    Ha, it was only worth £1.04?

    • 3 years ago

      Many Sales Start at 99p. The next bid is usually £1-04. But if it was then pulled this would explain the £1-04. But how much could it have risen too? We will never now know.

      When a Candidate Stands for Election even buying a pint for a Party Worker in the pub(if they are also a registered voter in that constituency) is technically illegal(an excuse often used by Candidates for not putting their hands in their pockets!)

      Go back to the days of the Rotten Boroughs before the Reform Act in the early 19th Century. Then it was the norm to buy Votes. The story of Old Sarum(near Salisbury) where nobody lived at all and the whole constituency was a Sheep Farm. The Sheep Farmer(the Farm House was just outside the Constituency) used to ‘appoint’ as the M.P. whoever bribed him the most for the Seat.

      My Own Village was a Rotten Borough but we had a small number of Voters who would all get bribed for their votes. But all that changed with the Reform Act. Now Candidates have to convince Voters of the validity of their arguements. I am not convinced that you get better quality M.P’s from their convincing arguements. After all just look at the present collection of nobodies in the House of Commons from the Prime Minister down(including the Prime Minister).

  • 3 years ago

    I still want to know when the English referendum is taking place to see if we southerners want to leave the UK as well 😉

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