Girls do it better!

By Chris Dawson August 7, 2014 - 8:38 am

The latest eBay video showing that no matter what you want you can get it on eBay, even if it’s just to beat the boys!

  • peter stanley
    3 years ago

    Ha Ha I like it although I am not sure her parents would once they get their statement and realise she has been buying things on ebay without asking.

    • 3 years ago

      Yeah I agree. I think it’s a cute bit of fun. And a good reminder to parents to make sure they lock their ipads so the tots can’t go on a spending spree!

  • JD
    3 years ago

    Cute, nonetheless a video implying that minors can buy stuff on eBay is irresponsible.

  • DBL
    3 years ago

    Haha … ‘I wish to cancel this purchase as my 4 year old bought it without my consent’ …. seems she must have paid for it too this time 😀

  • Toby
    3 years ago

    Thought eBay was over 18 only

  • Dean
    3 years ago

    Before I even saw the comments I also thought “are eBay seriously airing a video showing a child hijacking their parents account to buy something”!?
    Lost for words.
    And the concept that “Girls Do It Better than Boys” did not even enter my head – just the irresponsible nature of a parent allowing a child to access such a powerful tool.
    What next eBay?
    (I am making an assumption that this is a legitimate eBay advert here and not a spoof).

  • john
    3 years ago

    And people wonder why there is so much moaning about ebay.

    What an irresponsible and stupid promo video.

  • Dave from Trumpton
    3 years ago

    No surprise. Ebay allows so much theft, they are just beginning to promote it visually now.

  • Gemma
    3 years ago

    Just had a neutral as from a parent whose son thought they were buying a whole box of something and not one, despite this being clear in the description and the fact that the price was £2.79 for a £2.99 item. eBay’s policy clearly states that you must be over 18 to purchase, but this video is clearly promoting the opposite, and this is worrying with the new defect system coming in. Will give them a call tomorrow and see what they say….

  • 3 years ago

    Totally Irresponsible. But I would guess that each and every one of us when we were children did things that we were not supposed to do. After all I was 6 foot tall when I was eleven years old. So I went into many places where there was an age restriction such as Cinema’s to watch X rated films or into the pub for a drink because at 6 foot tall I looked much much older,

    14 year old girls do not read magazines aimed at 14 year old girls, instead they read magazines aimed at 18 year old girls etc.

    But should ebay be promoting itself in such a way that gives the impression that its all right to break the rules. I would submit that this promo should be dumped immediately. Instead a promo should be produced showing the potential dangers for children being allowed access to ebay and being able to buy a car or motorcycle. Or indeed furniture or other high priced items.

  • 3 years ago

    My kids would get a laugh from this and would probably relate to the ad – reinforcing the eBay brand . I guess eBay must have have a large market under 18.

    My kids (12 and 14) make more purchases online than me and have been for several years, they love surfing eBay on the ipad, they love buying cheap ‘cute stuff’, etc, etc… Of course, the transaction is done by me and my Paypal account password protected. And it comes out of their own pocket money. 🙂

  • dan
    3 years ago

    i had an ebay account underage, to begin collecting items, but quickly turned into a small seller.

    but i can see how its irresponsible, especially in the age of in-app purchases, on games etc.

    i also think apple have been forced to give compensation of this in the USA recently, for promising to require a password for purchases in apps, each and every purchase, and to not allow the “remember my password” on things aimed at kids, but then only requiring it once, spending sprees ensued.

  • John S
    3 years ago

    This promo vid is just wrong on so many levels from a corporate responsibility aspect that am staggered it has presumably passed through multiple layers of approval before being created.
    As a parent I dont want my children thinking it is acceptable to make purchases under age without my permission. Particularly as there are age restricted products available.
    As a seller I dont want under age purchasers buying my products, with the problems that tend to follow.
    Ebay is a company that has recently had a major security breach, and are now advertisng it easy to obtain access to an account without the account holders permission.
    Why the sexism?

    A very strange organisation.

  • Ahh that explains why my two year old grandson is a TRS and PowerSeller He did explain to me that my 16 years on eBay stands for nothing in the new eBay where kids rule and age is no barrier to entry. He also had no sympathy when I complained to him that tomorrow I lose my TRS because I have 2.27 defects (items missing in post) Never mind I am opening an account in his name but will have to lie about his age as he is not yet 3 years which is NOW the (new) minimum age for dealing on eBay

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