eBay UK Seller Release: New listing tool features

By Chris Dawson August 12, 2014 - 1:06 pm

In response to seller requests, eBay are to help streamline your business.

The new features are intended to make it easier for you to create listings in the time and place of your choosing, even when you’re offline, make it easier for you to manage your inventory and save time when selling similar items.

The changes will be rolled out into Selling Manager and eBay’s Bulk Listing Tool. The new features will be:

  • A draft listing feature to save changes and complete listings later.
  • The ability to create new listings in bulk, either from scratch or a file.
  • A quick edit pane for easier editing options when updating listings.
  • Listing copies to save time when you sell similar items.
  • The ability to customise columns and the order in which they’re shown. Plus, you can save changes for
    the next time you edit the listings.

  • An export tool so you can work offline

To access the new features all you need do is to subscribe (if you don’t already) to Selling Manager in the Account Subscription section in My eBay.

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