eBay to shut down Svpply

By Chris Dawson August 5, 2014 - 8:10 am

SvpplyeBay are to shut down Svpply and it’s related apps at the end of the month. Svpply described themselves as a curated collection of the world’s best products and stores.

Acquired in 2012, eBay say that the Svpply team have been instrumental in creating more personalized shopping and selling experiences on eBay, including the eBay feed and collections. The big question of course is how successful are these two features?

For me without a doubt it’s the eBay Feed which is the success. I’ve lost count of how many items I’ve purchased which popped up in my eBay feed, but collections leave me rather cold.

I see them on eBay, but I’ve never bought something from a collection, mainly because every time I click to see what the curator sells they tend to have nothing listed on eBay. The collections that are presented to me by eBay are generally curated by professional bloggers or fashion writers, or from , , or (Those from run of the mill eBay users are buried). If you like collections we’d love to know whether you use them, create them, buy from them or if they help your sales.

Back to Svpply, for those who have built curated collections using Svpply they say you can export the links you’ve added to the site through your Account Settings. They add “We encourage you to continue expressing your passions and interests by creating collections and following other enthusiasts on eBay. Curate, browse and shop today“.

Svpply will be shut down on the 31st August this year.

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