15 seconds to up your Dr Who sales on ebay

By Chris Dawson August 22, 2014 - 10:00 am

Dr WhoSeeing eBay promoted on The One Show with Dr Who last night got Seller Dynamics all very excited. Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker meets the time travelling doctor sounds irresistible.

Media sellers are already stocking up on box sets of the previous series, and that would seem like a fair thing to do, especially when you look at the evidence of previous Dr Who sales spikes.

Back on the 27th June the BBC uploaded a Dr Who trailer to YouTube, a short 15 second teaser for the new doctor and the new series. But over on eBay UK the result was startling – next day sales on the 28th June for items tagged “Dr Who” saw an 11 times increase.

That’s quite a sales result for 15 seconds of the doctor in silhouette and a voiceover saying, “am I a good man?”

So Seller Dynamics have opted for the same tactics – here’s their own time travelling teaser video for all that is good about Seller Dynamics:

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