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By Chris Dawson July 14, 2014 - 9:49 am

ZoetropeZoetrope interactive 3D photography aims to show your product off to potential customers with the best interactive experience possible. They take 108 unique views of your product to give full 360 rotations and tilt with the ability to zoom in from any angle.

When you order, Zoetrope have a courier pick up the products to be photographed, photograph them, upload the images for you and then when you sign off that you’re happy arrange for the products to be shipped back to you.

Pricing is £25 for most items. There is a size limitation of a 1m cylinder which is 1m tall. Normally postage is included, but for larger items and items which need assembly you’ll need to ask for a customised quote.

What Zoetrope’s interactive 3D images look like


Where you can use Zoetrope’s interactive 3D images

You can directly embed a rotatable, interactive view of your product in eBay descriptions (and personal sites, Shopify, Magento etc) and you can download images of any angle using Zoetrope’s order viewer, which facilitates adding views of your product to Amazon.

An unspoken benefit is that you also get a choice of 108 high quality images from all angles to choose from for your free 12 eBay gallery images.

£25 would seem to be a pretty reasonable price to get 12 high quality product shots for your eBay gallery images. Of course it will depend both on the profit margins and price of the product as well as your depth of inventory. There’s no point paying for photography for a low cost product unless you have large quantities to sell, but for higher value items it’s not a bad deal. Plus of course you’ll then get the 3D Interactive service as well to engage customers with your listings – the longer the dwell time on your listing the more likely a customer is to buy from you than from your competitor who doesn’t have such great pictures.

Get 3 products photographed in interactive 3D by Zoetrope for free

Zoetrope are currently offering 3 products photographed in interactive 3D for free to all new customers (You pay the shipping to them, they’ll pick up the courier cost to return your items).

Tamebay Special Offer

They also have a special offer for all Tamebay readers for 10% off all orders until the end of August. You’ll need to enter the coupon code “TAMEBAY-SUMMER-14” at checkout.

  • 4 years ago

    Hi, I’m Ben from Zoetrope. If anyone has any comments, feedback or wants to know more about what we do just let me know.


  • Adam
    3 years ago

    Really good stuff!!!!! Their picture quality seems a lot better than other companies in the market, and they are also cheaper !!!!

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