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By Dan Wilson July 2, 2014 - 12:22 pm

If you’re anything like me then your probably get dozens of emails every day from dozens of different mailing lists you belong to.

Plenty of them are very useful but others aren’t and it’s not always that straightforward to know what’s what. So that’s why I rather liked a useful little service recommended by a friend called

Basically it provides you with a full list of mailing lists you belong to and you have the choice to leave them be, unsubscribe or roll up a list in to a generic email you get with multiple items in it to save your inbox from bursting.

It’s straightforward to use, free (in return for sharing via social media) and should prove to be an absolute boon not that I’ve already managed to unsubscribe from 40 lists I didn’t even know I was on

  • Alex
    4 years ago

    This is kinda worrying. How do they know what sites/lists anyone is signed up to.

    Does that mean people with email lists are giving them the list so if you check they can cross reference and then say “click here to unsubscribe”? In otherwords, they have millions of email addresses and they offer a free unsubscribe service? WOW!! Some companies are just so charitable. I’m certain they would never think of selling those lists.

    In my experience, the best way to encourage spam is to click “unsubscribe”. If you do they know its an active email account and you get added to the list they then sell on for a premium. To reduce spam simply click “report spam” or “add to junk” but never let them know you exist!!

    To totally avoid spam never give anyone your email address!! 🙂

  • eric elias
    4 years ago

    Service appears to be restricted to google and yahoo addresses


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