Ultimate Dealer, Channel 4, 4.30pm weekdays

By Chris Dawson July 14, 2014 - 10:49 am

Ultimate DealerI’ve just caught up with last weeks episodes of Ultimate Dealer, the show we first wrote about last Novemeber, when they were looking for traders to participate.

It’s a 30 minute 5 times a week show and as well as catching up with last week’s action on 4oD, you can watch the show live on Channel 4 at 4.30pm each week day for the next two weeks.

The Monday to Thursday instalments see two dealers each day competing to buy items at auction and sell them off to try to make the best profit. At the end of each day, the dealer who has made the most money becomes the Ultimate Dealer for that day. On Fridays, the competition steps up as the two best-selling dealers of that week go head to head, with one of them gaining the title of that week’s Ultimate Dealer.

It’s a bit of light entertainment, but it’s also interesting to see the items that they managed to pick up at auction. I was sitting there thinking that maybe I should get back out there and see what I could win at auction to sell on eBay…

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