Royal Mail “Delivery Matters” report preview

By Chris Dawson July 4, 2014 - 11:45 am

Delivery MattersRoyal Mail have been researching for their 2014 “Delivery Matters” report which is due out next week. The research was independently conducted by Hall & Partners between 1 – 11 April 2014 asking a nationally representative sample of 1,539 UK consumers, who had shopped online over the past three months, about their attitudes towards online shopping.

Royal Mail also held an online discussion forum with 50 online shoppers between 2 – 6 May 2014, as well as four focus groups with online shoppers plus qualitative interviews with online sellers. They used what they told them to put the latest Delivery Matters research report together.

Delivery Matters Report Key Findings

In the report Royal Mail will give general trends such average online spend, average number of transactions, most popular items bought online as well as key reasons to shop online, as well as replies to new questions for 2014 about online marketplaces as well as the importance of seller ratings and in particular delivery ratings.

Royal Mail will say that they found out that online marketplaces are incredibly popular, with 83% of online shoppers using them and that ratings are highly influential on decision making when shopping in marketplaces.

Over a third of online shoppers now use a mobile device.

Tracking is a popular offering, improving the confidence shoppers have in etailers and Royal Mail will say that they found out that Royal Mail continues to be the most trusted national delivery company in the UK.

It’s all too easy to dismiss reports like Delivery Matters and carry on offering the same options that we always have. Similarly we hear a lot of online sellers tell us that a five day delivery is still acceptable and consumers just don’t want to pay for tracking. That’s now what consumers are saying however and it’s well worth noting the findings of the report.

We’ll bring you a link to the full report as soon as it’s published and available to download.

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