Post Office extend Drop & Go promo to September

By Chris Dawson July 30, 2014 - 12:54 pm

Post Office Drop and Go hmThe Post Office have just announced an extension of their Drop & Go postage service until at least September. Launched in June, originally as a Summer sale, the Drop & Go promotion offers a discount of up to 50% on normal Royal Mail prices.

The Drop & Go sale offers small businesses and online sellers (that means ‘offers you’) the opportunity to send Royal Mail Medium Parcels (up to 2kg) for the price of a Royal Mail Small Parcel. It’s basically up to 50% off your Medium parcels when you use the free, fast-track Drop and Go service, available at more than 11,000 Post Office branches across the UK.

In addition, the Post Office is offering their Drop & Go customers 25% off Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm, when sending parcels between 1-2kg.

The Post Office say the promotion will now run “until the 10th of September at least“, those last two words suggest that the offer might yet be extended again, which would be great news in the run up to Christmas. The offer is available to existing Drop & Go customers and new customers who sign up during the offer period.

Post Office Drop & Go sale pricing





1st class Medium Parcel (0-1Kg) £5.65 £3.20 £2.45
1st class Medium Parcel (1-2Kg) £8.90 £5.45 £3.45
2nd class Medium Parcel (0-1Kg) £5.20 £2.80 £2.40
2nd class Medium Parcel (1-2Kg) £8.00 £3.80 £4.20
1st class Medium Parcel Signed For (0-1Kg) £6.75 £4.30 £2.45
1st class Medium Parcel Signed For (1-2Kg) £10.00 £6.55 £3.45
2nd class Medium Parcel Signed For (0-1Kg) £6.30 £3.90 £2.40
2nd class Medium Parcel Signed For (1-2Kg) £9.10 £4.90 £4.20
Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm™ (1-2Kg) £11.00 £8.25 £2.75

If you’d like to access these savings you can sign up for Drop & Go via the Post Office website.

  • 3 years ago

    This is brilliant news and really helps for individual sellers shipping books within the UK. Unfortunately it does not work for Europe, as I understand. Does anyone have ideas about reducing the cost of shipping (books) of up to 2 kg and also larger shipments up to 15 kg to Europe and North America? I have a UPS discount account but it still reduces the profit on selling books to near zero and sometimes less!

    Thanks for any ideas!

    • Alex
      3 years ago

      HAHA – So after giving the company away in the recent share debacle it seems Royal Mail are now actually trying to make some money!

      That aside its still a crap offer.

      Firstly Hermes is much cheaper across the board and they collect. And BTW, Hermes is really good these days!!

      And secondly those “sale prices” will be raised to normal in the future, and then there is the annual “over-the-top” price hike each April.

      Totally crap offer and a complete waste of time.

      And besides, do you really want to give your money to an organisation that wastes millions each year trying to sell every stupid thing they can think of in addition to stamps, and which provides services to endless queues of idiots who don’t bother to do things the easy way like buying car tax online, or endless foreigners making passport and driving license applications? None of who seem to speak a word of English and then hog a counter for 30 minutes whilst their also illiterate foreign friend attempts to translate (all of which could be done online if either spoke English!!).

      Post Offices have almost become community centres. Its no wonder they lose shed loads of money each year. My local Post Office is like something out of Gaza!!

      Its ridiculous and about time Royal Mail stopped all the extras and focused on the real issue – stamps and post. The clue is in the name – Mail. 🙂

  • Ross
    3 years ago

    Your graphic box is a little misleading. All the numbers in the middle column are the current prices for anyone and nothing to do with this offer.
    The offer itself is pretty lame with very few reductions. The medium parcel rate with the discount puts it level with a few other couriers.
    I’d be surprised if they’d extended it because it was successful, more because no one uses it. My main Post Office (a pretty big one) has given up promoting Drop & Go. I’m probably in the centre of its target market but can’t see the point. The last time I left PO staff price up a parcel they underpaid and my customer ended up with a surcharge. So for me to use Drop & Go they’d need better incentives than they have now.

    • 3 years ago

      Still trying to figure out which is the middle column out of four…. but the “Was” price is the normal rack rate (ie what you’ll pay at the Post Office Counter), the “Now” price is the discounted sale price if you use Drop & Go, and as for “very few reductions”… there are nine price reductions which I’d say is “quite a few”.

      Sure you may well get better rates with various couriers, but for those sellers (or sellers whose customers) prefer Royal Mail the discounts are real.

    • Ross
      3 years ago

      My bad. I was looking at something wrong in the graphic.
      I stand by that it isn’t a great deal to use Drop & Go, the reductions only make it comparable to couriers. Seems like an initiative that could get a lot of sellers taking it up if they did it right.
      It still feels as though RM are playing catch up with online sellers and are still a few years behind the pace.
      Taking some initiatives from USPS might be a start. Barcoded tracked delivery linked to Paypal (at little extra cost), free and low cost packaging would be a start. Neither of those are any nearer and they’ve been doing that in the US for years.

    • JD
      3 years ago

      USPS might well be doing things that appeal but they are in deep financial doo doo.

      They are running an (increasing) annual deficit of around $10 billion and their current model is unsustainable.

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