PaySketch: PayPal Analytics & Reporting

By Chris Dawson July 31, 2014 - 8:30 am

PaySketchPaySketch started with a simple idea – to stay updated with what’s happening in your PayPal account and that’s just what it does.

It’s desktop application (PC or MAC) which synchronises with your PayPal account and then gives you a ton of data that you can search at lightning speed, run analytics to find you best performing products or the products that cause the most trouble (for instance which products get the most chargebacks and is there one product that gets a significantly higher percentage of refunds?).

PaySketch is packed with features and business insights, for instance which are your top performing products and should you throw more marketing budget their way or run promotions on them. Which are you lowest performing products, is it time to ditch them and free up your cash to invest in more profitable products? When is your peak order time? Do you need more customer support availability during certain hours when you’re selling loads? PaySketch isn’t just a tool to monitor your payments, it’s powerful business analytics which can help you grow your sales and profits.

PaySketch also enables you to perform simple PayPal tasks such as perform refunds in a single click, or send money without ever having to log into your PayPal account.

You can download and run PaySketch on any Windows or MAC computer but you’ll need Adobe Air installed (free download).

There’s a free limited version of PaySketch (10 uses with 100 transactions) so that you can get to know the product. From then on it’s $59.99 per year for the business version or $69.99 per year for the professional version (which ads in archiving transactions and reporting dashboard with multiple transaction attribute search).

  • 3 years ago

    A similar but little-known free tool is Terapeak for PayPal –

    (Not the standard Terapeak, it’s an independent product).

    • 3 years ago


      I used that tool for a few years. I loved it. But it had this nasty feature where it would just suddenly stop tracking payments received. This would go on for weeks and sometimes months at a time. And when they’d finally get around to fixing the issue (and I reported it days after it first happened) the data wouldn’t be restored. They’d offer an excuse saying the data was corrupt and that’s it. Eventually they just started telling me it was a free unsupported product. I was more than willing to pay for it and even offered to just buy the whole app if that’s what it would take to fix the issue but was ignored. Outright finally fixed their one fatal flaw that was years old so I switched to them and have been happy with that. Granted it is missing a lot of the nice features Terapeak had but Terapeak doesn’t work which is kind of important.

    • Ron
      3 years ago

      Andy, i used terapeak a while ago and it is really barebone. One of the nastiest thing with terapeak is that it stores all your PayPal data and permissions to actually perform transactions. I seriously did not like that – say terapeak gets hacked (which is very usual for any website these days), its me who is going to be shouting out the loudest because the data stored in their servers is enough for the nasty hacker to withdraw/transfer money from my account, buy stuff and do all sorts of all things.

      I tried Paysketch and found it really cool – would say that it is light years ahead in analytics compared to terapeak. It is very fast (because it runs on my computer and not in the cloud) and safe because they save all the data on my computer.
      I strongly recommend that you try it out, I am sure you will love it.

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