Local Post office to open 15 hours on Sundays

By Chris Dawson July 20, 2014 - 9:26 pm

Post OfficeGreat news from the Post Office in an email sent to me today – my local Post Office is now opening on a Sunday from 7am to 10pm! Not only that but the other six days of the week they’re open from 6am to 10pm as well.

As part of Post Office plans to modernise the network and extend opening hours Post Offices are announcing Sunday opening hours up and down the country. Whilst not all will have the normal Post Office counter manned during extended opening hours, many located in local shops will have an additional Post Office serving point at the retail counter.

I’m a bit ambivalent about the extended opening hours, it doesn’t mean that post will be collected at the weekends and sadly the Post Office with the extended opening hours isn’t the same Post Office that my ParcelForce deliveries end up in if I’m not at home to receive them.

However the plus side is that if there’s a Drop and Go service available at your local Post Office (and you also get Sunday opening hours), then you can despatch a ton of your weekend deliveries on a Sunday evening should you so choose and make Mondays a much less stressful day of packing.

If you want to find Post Office opening times near you they have a Branch Finder on the Post Office website.

  • Gerry007
    4 years ago

    One of my local PO started opening to 7pm, 7 days a week.

    They have just shut down the extended service and now close the standard 5pm. So that did not work.

    For me the PO was to slow in getting into the collect locker business… now there are many other alternatives..!!

    Suppose it depends on where you are whether it will work or not

    • 4 years ago

      This particular Post Office is in a Co-Op store so the shop is open anyway… I guess it’s not too much trouble for the Co-Op staff to offer Post Office services out of hours seeing as they’re there anyway – just a matter of getting them trained up.

    • Mark Hetherington
      4 years ago

      I can see this being fun. Buyers ordering on Sunday and choosing next day delivery, then ranting and raving at sellers when it doesn’t arrive Monday morning.

  • 4 years ago

    Surely Sunday Opening restrictions apply for such as Supermarkets etc. These of course are 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. So if the PO Counter is in such a store they will have the same opening hours unless there is some arrangement so that the PO Counter is able to be separated from the rest of the store such as own external door and a door that can be locked to the rest of the store.

    My Local PO is in a village shop & PO. I have some post to send so I shall be asking about Sunday Opening. My guess is that the answer will be No. But on Sunday the rest of the Village Shop is open for some of the day.

    • 4 years ago

      In Thatcham where I live there are two Co-Op stores in the town center almost directly opposite each other – one is a supermarket and the other is a convenience store. Figure that one out!!! The law is an ass and the Post Office is in the smaller convenience store 😀

    • Danny
      3 years ago

      It’s to do with the square footage – under a certain size Sunday trading laws don’t apply. That’s why your Tesco superstore closes at 4pm on a Sunday but your Tesco Express is open until 11pm.

  • richc
    4 years ago

    My local PO is in the co-op and they have had the additional counter staffed by the normal shop staff for a number of months and it is advertised as available whenever the shop is open. We have tried to use the counter a few times but unfortunately the service was very poor. The first time the manageress tried to redirect me to the main PO counter which was very busy and other times I have had to wait for a member of staff who is trained to become available from stacking shelves who when they arrive don’t know how to process the transaction. You leave the shop feeling that the whole thing was too much trouble for the staff!

  • 4 years ago

    According to my local Post Master there will be about 1600 Counters that will open, about 10% of the total. He will not be opening his counter on a Sunday.

    Not certain if this is an experiment and if it succeeds there will be more in the future, or perhaps it is up to the Post Master, remember Sub Post Offices are Independent Businesses who are contracted to run a Post Office, if they take part.

    Talking about Thatcham. Years ago I covered The South West and Thatcham was where the bloke who covered London and the South East lived(when he gave up he retrained as a School Teacher and last I heard of him he was Teaching in Cornwall). If I ran low(or out of stock) of some titles and I was close to Thatcham(say Oxford or Swindon) rather that come back down to Cornwall for stock I could raid his stock. So I got to know Thatcham quite well. But I must admit that I have not been to Thatcham for probably over10 years. Probably like so many other places it has sprouted numerous additional Housing Estates(as if it hadn’t enough already).

    But in deepest rural Cornwall the Post Office I use is not one of them. No doubt the Post Master wants a day off.

  • 4 years ago

    Talking about Sunday Opening. It is not that long ago, certainly I can remember, when very little at all opened on a Sunday. There was quite a fight to get any Sunday Opening at all. The various Religious people wanted to Keep Sunday Special. They were totally against any form of Sunday Opening. Indeed they were arguing that the little that did open on a Sunday should shut.

    Remember when you could not charge for admission to Sporting or Social Events. They got around this by Charging for the Programme and entry was by programme only. So you would approach the entry gate and just outside the gate was a table with a couple of bods selling programmes which you then waved at the bods on the gate to get in.

    So if you think the Law is an ass now please remember what went before it.

  • 4 years ago

    A short while ago Tamebay reported on the New Travellling Post Offices. I wonder if these will be opening on a Sunday or will they be just Monday to Saturday?

    Across Cornwall many Villages have lost their Post Offices. Also across Cornwall many Rural Bus Routes are either being withdrawn or are being severely reduced in numbers and frequency.

    So it is possible, indeed likely that there are many Rural Communities where those without access to a Car now are being denied access to a Post Office. So I am hoping that the Powers that be within the Post Office are looking at the situation that now exists in Rural Britain.

    After all there could very well be a justification for more of the Travelling Post Offices to serve the many Villages across the Country where Rural Post Offices have been closed.

    • john
      4 years ago

      We have a rural post office, comes for a few hours Monday to Friday.

      our next main bricks and mortar P.O is moving. As far as we are led to believe the P.O counters are attempting to try to get away from salaried counters. They are attempting to move post offices into retail premises like supermarkets etc.

      Its not good. Yet another feather in the supermarkets cap and a nail in the high street coffin.

      On the plus side, I am alright jack cause I can get a RM collection(if we wanted too). But its not just about me , shame more people don’t think about the bigger picture.

  • 4 years ago

    It is likely that many Townies will not appreciate the problems being faced in Rural Britain. From my Village we only have one Bus Route. On that route there is access to Supermarkets but only at the ends of the route. So the various villages served either have no Shop or Post Office(like the Village where I live) or perhaps a Village Shop/Post Office.

    So if you do not have access to a car you are tied to Bus Timetables. Remember the vast majority of the population do not drive. All youngsters who are aged below the Legal Driving Age, Many Housewives do not have access to a Car(Husband uses the family car to go to work so the wife has no car during the day-In a one car family-Which is true of many especially low income families). The Old and many disabled also have no access to a car.

    So it is vital that there is a Rural Bus Route available. But in Cornwall many routes run during the day but the last bus of the day is late afternoon. So if you work say 9am to 5pm you may be able to get to work by bus but not home again, especially if for some reason you are delayed at work.

    We require facilities to be available in Villages not concentrated in the Large Towns and its getting worse. Doctors Surgeries in the Villages are being closed and facilities concentrated miles away. If you are seriously ill and need a Home Visit the usual answer when you phone is ‘Its not possible. You will have to get to the Surgery’.

    We need facilities and these are being denied to Rural Communities across the Country.

    • Cambridge_Blue
      3 years ago

      We ‘townies’ understand your rural issues very well indeed thanks.
      Which is to say you expect everybody else to subsidise your supposedly idyllic rural life.
      What you actually need is a long cold shower to bring you back to reality.
      All of these services are run on commercial lines and if they are not economic then they either stop or require ever greater subsidy from the public purse.
      I see no reason to support the rural rich like you who think they are entitled to a free ride from the rest of us in the urban majority.
      You have two choices in that you can either move to an area where the services you ‘need’ so badly are available or you and your village mates can get your chequebooks out and start writing some really big cheques to the local authority for these services to be maintained.
      In the words of the Great Leader ‘call me dave’ rural communities like yours need to wake up and smell the coffee!
      God Bless ‘Cold Comfort Farm’.
      pip pip

    • 3 years ago

      Yet again Cambridge_Blue comes out with his totally ill informed comments about those of us who live in Rural Areas being subsidised. Might I suggest that he check the Governments own figures. The levels of ‘Subsidy’ are much higher in Urban Areas than they are in Rural Areas. Cambridge enjoys a far higher level of subsidy than does Cornwall. If he does not accept this just look at the figures for the monies allowed to educate Rural Children in Cornwall with Urban Children in Cambridge and the same holds true in just about every area of Governmental Expenditure’

      On the whole we would be very happy if the Government allowed the same level of expenditure to educate a child in Cornwall to a child in Cambridge. But the formula used by the Government does not allow this.

      As an example HS2 has a budget of £50 Billion nobody believes that it will provide anything like the levels of benefit that the Government claims. Yet because it does Benefit London and Birmingham although not the many rural areas that it will pass through it is being blasted through.

      Down in South Devon the main Railwayline to Torbay, Plymouth and Cornwall was washed away at Dawlish. It has been rebuilt but many agree that it has to be substantially strengthened to resist future major storms. Also that there should be an inland route to ensure that even if the coastal route was to be washed away in the future that services could continue. However it is unlikely to go ahead because any and all investment is required for London with such as HS2 and Crossrail etc and there is nothing left for the South West. So yet again the Subsidies are not going to Rural Britain but Urban Britain as usual.

  • 3 years ago


    There’s a whole internet out there where you are free to talk about whatever you like and be as rude as you like too

    On Tamebay its appreciated in the topic remains ecommerce and online selling and good manners are expected too.

    This is just another episode of really very childish bickering between two grown men who really ought to know better. Please stop.


    • tinker
      3 years ago

      quick open a book teachers back

    • Cambridge_Blue
      3 years ago

      Looks like detention for me again!
      pip pip

    • 3 years ago

      ecommerce has an involvement with many aspects of ‘ordinary’ life. Rural Post Offices is but one. If Rural Post Offices are closed as many have been it makes life very difficult for those of us who sell on such as ebay. If other Rural facilities close such as Rural Bus Routes it can make it very difficult for people in Rural Areas to even access those Post Offices that remain open.

      In my Village we have not had a Post Offices for several years and over the last year or so we have lost a large proportion of our Bus provision. So if you are selling online and need access to a Post Office to be able to ship out what you have sold life is getting more difficuilt all the time.

      Yet Cambridge_Blue comes out with a totally inaccurate allegation that we in Rural Britain are calling for more subsidies and that we should all move to some bleak inner city slum.

      The Governments own figures shows that he is totally wrong yet I seem to be critisised for pointing this out. Indeed why am I savagely censored in my postings by Tamebay? I have tried always to defend the Rural Population who can sell online but are often hindered because of the lack of Rural Facilities such as Rural Post Offices. Yet Cambridge_Blue is always saying in his arrogant way that because he lives in an Urban area that he knows best what is good for Rural Britain and is backed up by Tamebay.

      In Cornwall we regularly get ‘Fact Finding’ missions by Civil Servants and Politicians…In July and August almost NEVER in November or February. They come down on their jolly and look at the blue sky, the deep blue sea and the golden sands and they announce that Cornwall does not need any help. It would be very different if they were to come down in November or February when the storms are queuing up in the Atlantic to pound our coasts. The rain is horizontal and while you can pack up your sales getting them to the Post Office to post them out is a real effort.

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