Enterprise Nation launches “Go and Grow Online” campaign for UK SMEs

By Dan Wilson July 24, 2014 - 12:16 am

By far one of the most interesting and dynamic people I know is Emma Jones MBE. She’s the founder of Enterprise Nation and also a catalyst within government championing small business concerns.

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And in particular she recognises that small businesses and online go together. That’s why EN and Emma are embarking on a 12 month campaign to encourage UK businesses to get online and grab a global opportunity. Needless to say, Tamebay is glad to support such a campaign.

Earlier this year, Lloyds Bank released their UK Business Digital Index which revealed:

– 29% of small businesses and charities believe being online isn’t relevant to their business
– Only 50% have a website and, on the whole, those that do are only providing basic functionality
– A third of businesses are without basic online skills and 75% don’t invest any money in improving digital skills

Surprised by these findings, Enterprise Nation approached the Cabinet Office to encourage action and EN will be leading the charge, as a result, with a 12 month campaign with two simple aims:

· To encourage more small business to get online, and
· To support existing online traders to grow

On launch night in London next week, the key corporate sponsors will be present and further plans revealed. Tamebay is happy to support the event and I’ll be there. It sounds like an exciting endeavour.

Over the next 12 months we’ll keep you posted about this campaign and hope you might get involved too with the events planned up and down the country.

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