eBay survey: Possible fees for Daily Deal exposure

By Chris Dawson July 9, 2014 - 10:30 am

eBay have been surveying some of their larger sellers and as always the survey questions give some insight on how eBay may intend to do future business and how the fee structures may change in the future.

Some of the questions seem quite reasonable but others raise more questions. Like how much is it going to cost retailers to be on the Daily Deals page in the future? I’m guessing that for many who sell on the deals program, loss of exposure would seriously impact their business and turnover numbers.

Here’s a selection of some of the more interesting questions. Let us know what you think of eBay’s ideas but bear in mind it is just a survey, many of the ideas raised may never get close to becoming reality.

  • How would you feel if eBay enabled a volume based pricing program that would provide final value fee discounts with more sales?
  • How would you feel if the final value fee rate structure remained the same as it is today?
  • How important to you is visibility on the Daily Deals page?
  • How would you feel if eBay offered you the option of purchasing placement on the Daily Deals page?
  • How important to you is actively managing your customer accounts?
  • How would you feel if eBay offered sellers the opportunity to purchase Account Management services from eBay?
  • How would you feel if Account Management remained your responsibility, as it is today?
  • How would you feel about a dedicated eBay customer service line to deal with everything related to both eBay and third party listing and selling tools?
  • How would you feel if the scope of eBay customer service remained the same as it is today?
  • If eBay were to implement the changes that we reviewed today that you personally find most attractive and valuable, how likely is it that you would recommend selling on eBay to a friend or colleague?

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