eBay & LVMH settle long running legal dispute

By Dan Wilson July 24, 2014 - 1:47 am

The long running battle between eBay and LVMH regarding counterfeits is over.

Back in 2008 LVMH sued eBay for allowing the the sale of counterfeit items and claimed it hurt their business. LVMH is the umbrella firm for numerous luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Givenchy and Guerlain.

LMVH also claimed that the sale of their genuine goods, especially perfumes, through non-approved channels was detrimental too.

Back in 2008 a French court awarded LVMH 38.5 million euros. A subsequent appeal court reduced the sum to 5.7 million euros whilst reaffirming that eBay was in the wrong.

A 2012 French appeal court ruled that the lower court did not have jurisdiction over eBay’s .com website but upheld the ruling as applied to the French and British sites.

It now appears that eBay and LVMH are cooperating. A statement from eBay says:

“eBay and LVMH today announced a cooperative effort to protect intellectual property rights and combat counterfeits in online commerce. Thanks to the cooperation measures put in place, the companies have settled ongoing litigation.

Michael Jacobson, Senior Vice-President and General Counsel at eBay, and Pierre Godé, Vice-President at LVMH, said: “Thanks to our joint efforts, consumers will enjoy a safer digital environment globally.”

  • paddy
    3 years ago

    Opening Next Week on Ebay, Louis Vuitton OUTLET…….

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