Download Royal Mail “Delivery Matters” report today

By Chris Dawson July 9, 2014 - 7:55 am

Delivery MattersThe Royal Mail Delivery Matters 2014 report is now out and available for download. It’s packed with interesting stats and figures on how ecommerce and online shopping is developing as well as an insight into what consumers want from deliveries.

The report includes why online shoppers shop online, how much they spend and how often make purchases. Which are the most common products categories consumers buy from and the prevailing issue of cart abandonment, the reasons behind it and what they do after they’ve abandoned their cart.

According to the report 73% of online shoppers said tracking deliveries would improve their confidence in making online purchases and 72% of online shoppers said they’d be unlikely to shop again with a retailer if they had a difficult return experience. It’s no surprise that these are two of the areas that eBay are focusing on with the ability to upload tracking and the Managed Returns process coming in to play.

When returning goods 71% of people would prefer to return goods at a Post Office, although a large number (41%) would also be happy to drop parcels at a local convenience store (services like myHermes and Collect Plus).

Sadly 78% said they’d be unlikely to shop again if they had to pay for returns. Of course if it’s the retailers fault because goods are damaged or mis-shipped the consumer shouldn’t have to pay, but it’s a frighteningly high statistic and shows why many companies and even Amazon simply give you a pre-paid returns label when you need to send something back.

The report is packed with interesting facts and whilst you’re probably generally aware of most of the principals it makes interesting reading to have them all laid out with facts and figures. You can download the full report at

  • davelovesbay
    4 years ago

    Ha ha Delivery matter.

    Me Hong kong !

    It matter, me ship Hong kong – UK just 30p and UK seller need pay more then £1 for not even leave the country !

    Ha Ha Delivery Matter. But mostly price matter as long as cheap for Hong Kong !

    • davelovesbay
      4 years ago

      One time me order one 100 gram item for hong kong- Seller pay £8 shipping and lost in post HA HA ! Hong kong postman alway like steal import parcel. Me charge back, Paypal like Hong kong seller anyway !

      My parcel never lost and price just 30p.

      I like UK so much. Looking investment flat london !
      Email me you want sell !

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