Amazon launch “Wearable Technology” store

By Chris Dawson July 8, 2014 - 7:30 am

Wearable TechnologyIf you don’t know what “Wearable Technology” is you’re not alone, but it’s basically stuff that talks to your mobile phone (or possibly downloads data to a computer or even a Nintendo).

The main three categories are Smart Watches (which notify you of calls, text messages, emails to your mobile), Health gadgets to monitor your activity, heart rate and sleep patterns and cameras and GPS devices to record everything you do and where you’ve been.

If you’re still not convinced wearable technology sounds great, you’re probably wrong as Amazon have launched a Wearable Technology Store and Learning Centre on their site. Amazon generally figure out what the trends are likely to be and it wouldn’t surprise me if the top Christmas gifts for 2014 include a ton of wearable products, not to mention the number of devices purchased ahead of the inevitable New Years Resolution season!

Modern Smartphones are all set up for wearable technology, for instance all the latest Samsung mobiles come with ANT Radio Service installed as standard. ANT is an ultra low power wireless networking solution which allows devices to talk to each other using practically no discernible power. Your S-Health app will use ANT to collect data from your wearable technology as well as gadgets attached to your bike for example, to see how many miles a day you cycle.

Have you got any wearable technology? If you have do you actually wear it very often or does it sit languishing in a drawer? One might suspect it’s gadgets that look great but in practice aren’t used much, but sales of wearable technology devices have taken off in the last year according to Andrew Milliken, Amazon UK Director of Consumer Electronics and that’s what matters. So if you can get stock of wearable products get them in and get them listed on all the marketplaces and websites you sell on. If people are buying we should be selling.

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