Amazon cut EU delivery times by 3-5 days

By Chris Dawson July 21, 2014 - 6:47 am

Amazon have upped the ante on cross border trade making more than 1 million products stored in the FBA warehouses available to overseas customers with a Two-Day Delivery.

Up until now, products stored in Amazon’s European fulfilment centres outside the UK have been available to order on Amazon UK with a delivery time of between 3-7 days. Amazon have announced improvements and innovations in their cross border delivery network to speed deliveries up and by the end of the year the number of products available on a Two-Day Delivery is expected to rise to 3 million.

The Two-Day Delivery service for products stored outside the UK is available at no charge for Amazon Prime customers. For those customers without an Amazon Prime subscription, the cost is £5.99 per delivery for Media items, £3.95 for Clothing, Shoes and Bags and £7.99 per delivery for all other eligible items, regardless of the number of eligible items included on a single order.

This means that UK customers can order products stored in Amazon’s European fulfilment centers and receive them within two days. Equally the good news for UK merchants who have products stored in UK FBA is that that customers in Germany and France will likewise be able to receive their products the UK on a Two-Day delivery. In addition customers in Spain and Italy can enjoy 2-3 day delivery from FBA.

This is another significant step towards what Amazon believes providing the best customer offering across Europe should look like,” said Xavier Garambois, Vice President Retail, Amazon EU Sàrl. “Our long standing goal has been to offer an unrivalled service for customers regardless of where they are based in the EU and the systems that we have created to deliver to any customer, in any EU country from any of our 25 European fulfilment centres continue to improve.”

What do you need to do to get speedy delivery for your products to EU customers? Simply place them into Amazon FBA and make them available for purchase to EU customers. That’s it, Amazon will take care of the rest.

  • A+
    4 years ago

    We’re having a lot of problems with Amazon’s estimated delivery time for France. About 1 in 5 French customers email us to complain about late deliveries. There seems to be regular delays with the mail between the UK and France but Amazon is not helpful at all by quoting a 2-3 day delivery estimate, getting customers’ hopes too high. Even though we ship most orders on the same day, six days a week, there’s hasn’t been a week without a French customer complaining. We’ve had negative feedback, had to refund and send replacements because of this issue.

    Anyone else having similar issues with France? I can’t figure out what the issue is as we don’t have this kind of problem with any other European or foreign customers. Even though German customers are also given a 2-3 day estimate, they never email us about delays.

    On the other hand we also sell on Amazon US and Canada and Amazon’s estimated delivery time for shipments from the UK is 3 to 5 WEEKS which must put a lot of customers off. I’ve contacted Amazon France and US about this issue and apparently estimated delivery times cannot be changed by sellers. The quoted time for the US is ridiculous and bad for UK online retailers selling directly on

    Can you anyone help us or give us some advice? We’re really desperate about France.

    • fusion
      3 years ago

      Fortunately we find that France is the best out of all the EU countries and orders are regularly received within 3-7 days. Italy and Spain are the worst. Everyday there seems to be an issue.

      However the estimated delivery times are annoying with Amazon and mainly for the UK. When a customer selects expedited, sometimes the estimated date is 3-4 days after dispatch, which is not true and causes us problems with the customer.

    • A+
      3 years ago

      Thanks for your reply, I agree with you, Amazon are not very helpful with estimated delivery times and we have to pay for the consequences.

      I’d like to understand why we have such a high ratio of delayed orders for France. We must be doing something wrong? I just can’t figure it out and this is becoming a serious issue for us with the high volume of emails to reply to and the low ratings/negative feedback.

      Does anyone else have a suggestion?

    • A+
      3 years ago

      3 French customers emailing me about delayed deliveries just this evening. Parcels were dispatched about 1 week ago but Amazon delivery estimate is 3 days so customers are complaining.

      this issue needs to be sorted.

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