Allianz Global Assistance adopt PayPal Here

By Chris Dawson July 10, 2014 - 12:01 pm

Allianz Global AssistanceAllianz Global Assistance have given all of their nationwide fleet of breakdown assistance technicians a PayPal Here Chip and PIN card reader to take card payments at the roadside.

This will save time by avoiding the need for Allianz Global Assistance technicians to call headquarters to process a card payment for services not included in a customer’s breakdown cover, and making the whole process more convenient for UK customers.

Auto_How-can-we-help - croppedYou may not associate the name Allianz Global with car break down services as they don’t sell their services direct to the consumer. However if you’ve ever owned a BMW or Mercedes, or possibly hired a car, you’ll often find the breakdown assistance included is from Allianz Global.

Allianz Global Assistance is the biggest business to adopt PayPal Here in Britain since its UK launch in 2013 and so a bit of a coup for PayPal. It’s doubly good as people with Allianz Global Assistance coverage are generally driving more expensive cars so generally more affluent – great exposure for PayPal.

AllainzNarik Patel, director of mobile merchant services at PayPal UK, told us “We designed PayPal Here as a flexible, affordable way for businesses of all sizes to take card payments quickly and securely wherever they do business. It’s been a hit with smaller businesses – but Allianz Global Assistance’s decision shows that it also meets a real need for household name brands who want to give their customers the best possible experience.

Congratulations to the PayPal team on their win, and applause to Allianz for making their technician’s and their customer’s lives easier.

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