Veeqo Multichannel Management software

By Chris Dawson June 11, 2014 - 8:32 am

VeeqoThis month a new option for channel management has officially launched, Veeqo is now ready to go, offering another option to anyone looking to manage their sales across multiple platforms.

An all-in-one solution to stock, ship and sell and with direct integration to the biggest retailer platforms, Veeqo will import all your inventory and orders and manage them for you.

Veeqo was developed by online retailer, Matt Warren and his team and provides online retailers with an easy-to-use online dashboard, that brings all inventory, marketplace and delivery platforms into a single screen view.

Veeqo say that they offer retailers a time saving of on average five minutes per order by simplifying management of the online retailing process from start to finish. The system integrates other online retailing systems such as eBay, Magneto, Amazon and Royal Mail into one online dashboard.

Veeqo have just secured funding through Launcha, bringing total investment to £375,000 (including first round investment from the Welsh Government’s Digital Development Fund). The money will help the company to market themselves to retailers going forward. Despite no marketing so far, Veeqo is already signing up approximately 20 retailers each week.

Check out the Veeqo website to find out more.

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