Pretty tight and nice and sexy

By Chris Dawson June 26, 2014 - 12:35 pm

Yoga TightsEver wondered what men really think of ladies clothing? What do the women really think of men’s attire? In Styling the Sexes, have surveyed 500 men and women on the fashion choices of the opposite sex and asked another 150 to describe what they thought of the garments.

Results are somewhat predictable, but nevertheless quite interesting. For instance if you’re selling Yoga leggings, woman simply think of them as comfy and relaxing, ask the men and they’re pretty tight and nice and sexy! Bearing in mind it’s probably the lady buying them and you can easily figure out which keywords you should be using.

There are two big fashion flops in the survey, whilst woman love vintage fashion headbands men are less than enamoured, and both the sexes think braces are for old men (although the US call them suspenders and for readers in the UK I’m sure that conjures up some interesting images!)

Head over to the eBay Deals “Styling The Sexes” page to check out all the results for yourself.

  • Glenn
    4 years ago

    I sell braces, and trust me they are not just for old men. There are some very snazzy, colourful braces brought by young and old.
    They are not a flop item, they are a good steady product line.

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