Post Office launch Drop & Go summer promo

By Dan Wilson June 25, 2014 - 11:24 pm

The Post Office has announced a Drop & Go summer parcel discount.

The Drop & Go sale offers small businesses and online sellers the opportunity to send Royal Mail Medium Parcels (up to 2kg) for the price of a Royal Mail Small Parcel.

In addition, Post Office is offering its Drop & Go customers 25% off Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm, when sending parcels between 1-2kg. The sale starts 30th June and will last until 27th July. The offer is available to existing Drop & Go customers and new customers who sign up during the offer period.

Customers using Drop & Go simply hand over their mail at a fast-drop counter at their local participating Post Office.

The branch will quickly check a few things before the customer leaves. The branch then processes their mail, taking the payment from the customer’s prepaid Drop & Go card.

The free-to-join Drop & Go service aims to save small businesses, and regular letters and parcels sending customers, valuable time when preparing their items or posting at their local Post Office, enabling them to focus on the more important parts of their business.

Anyone wishing to sign up to Drop & Go should visit their nearest participating branch to sign up for an account.

Here are the amended tariffs for Drop and Go during the promotion:

First Class Medium Parcel 0-1kg was £5.65 now £3.20. Save £2.45
First Class Medium Parcel 1-2kg was £8.90 now £5.45. Save £3.45

Second Class Medium Parcel 0-1kg was £5.20, now £2.80. Save £2.40
Second Class Medium Parcel 1-2kg was £8.00, now £3.80. Save £4.20

First Class Signed For Medium Parcel 0-1kg was £6.75, now £4.30. Save £2.45
First Class Signed For Medium Parcel 1-2kg was £10.00, now £6.55. Save £3.45

Second Class Signed For Medium Parcel 0-1kg was £6.30, now £3.90. Save £2.40
Second Class Signed For Medium Parcel 1-2kg was £9.10, now £4.90. Save £4.20

Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm 1-2kg was £11.00, now £8.25. Save £2.75

Drop and Go is a useful service that’s already proving handy for many online sellers. The problem is that a temporary reduction in postage costs represents a headache for anyone who wants to amend their listings. That all said, we always welcome a discount.

  • Alex
    4 years ago

    Nice offer but using, Hermes is still cheaper.

  • Ross
    4 years ago

    It’s a service where you have to rely on trusting that the Post Office staff will charge correctly, using competency and honesty. Handing a fully labelled parcel to Royal Mail or a courier carries enough risk without chancing an unlabelled one to be processed and charged correctly. An extra chance for things to go awry. Nice idea in theory, not enough discount or time saving to work in practice.

  • Ellen K
    4 years ago

    I used Standard Parcels and when RM got rid of it, I moved to Hermes.

    Hermes are OK if you double box everything and, much as I would prefer to use RM, this is too complex and temporary to make it worth the move back.

    And what Ross said – and what if the PO staff don’t attend to your parcels until after the last collection? Another day added to the delivery time. No thanks.

    • Darren
      4 years ago

      Just found out that My Hermes has now lowered the price of their 1 & 2 kilo packages.
      Through parcel2go a ” up to 1 kilo ” parcel with My Hermes has been reduced from £2.32 + vat to now £1.99 + vat.
      A ” up to 2 Kilo ” package has been reduced from £3.15 + vat now to £2.99 + vat , and of course they are a 2 day delivery and tracked but you have to drop your parcels off at a my Hermes shop.
      Parcel2go are also featuring a service called ” inpost ” which also charge for up to 2 kilo’s at £2.99 + vat and they look like they are using fuel stations / lockers for you to drop you parcel off.
      looks like the UPS Access point shop to shop has gone away?

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