PayPal Passport: Country, customs and holiday information

By Chris Dawson June 12, 2014 - 10:27 pm

PayPal Passport featPayPal Passport is a new site aiming to help you grow your overseas sales. It only went live today and it’s actually pretty good and well worth a browse.

Passport aims to give information and tools to small businesses on country-specific customs, trends and shipping logistics with the goal of helping you increase your sales in these countries.

As an example did you know that in Japan you shouldn’t give any gift in 4’s or 9’s (4 has a very close connotation with death, and 9 is unlucky). If you’re selling products packaged in gift sets and want to target Japan make sure you avoid those numbers if you want to get sales! In China during Chinese New Year, consumers pay particular attention to product packaging so don’t sell OEM products in plain boxes, offer retail packaged products instead.

Ten countries are represented on PassPort – United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, China, Japan, and Israel. These represent key cross border corridors inside the PayPal network, based on their current sales growth rates and regional significance.

Global Sales OpportunitiesAs well as Trade Trends by Country, Passport has all the foreign holiday dates you need to know as well as typical gift ideas so that you can ensure you have the right stock in place and listings live to take full advantage of peak sales around the world.

You can also apply to have your business featured on the Passport website.

Passport is well worth a browse purely for trivia value, but if you’re serious about your cross border sales there’s a ton of information you really do need to know and it’s all been bought together in one easy to navigate site.

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