Parcel2Go report 2014 ecommerce survey results

By Dan Wilson June 5, 2014 - 4:47 pm


  • Alex
    3 years ago

    Remarkable results and I must say they seem very odd in almost all catagorys. And very useless information.

    Only 704 respondents?? I hardly think thats a representative sample of the huge P2G customer base (or anything else online), and hardly a suitable sample of online business.

    Furthermore, as a regulay customer of Parcel2Go I have not heard of this survey so I wonder who they asked/participated, and what the criteria for invitation was? If it was 500 parcels a week then I am amazed at the results, if it was 1 parcel a month then why bother as they probably don’t know much, if it was somewhere in between then who did they ask?

    This kinda reminds me of the very recent “champagne quaffing, back slapping, s–k each other off” so called Courier Industry Awards that decided Yodel were a great courier!!