Parcel2go add new UPS international import service for buyers

By Dan Wilson June 24, 2014 - 3:10 pm


Parcel2go have been promoting their new import services from UPS including UPS Standard Import, as well as UPS Express Import and UPS Express Saver Import. All three services will collect your parcel from your sender’s address and deliver it to you directy.

The UPS standard Import, which allows you to import up to 70kg from any country in the EU (bar Spain and Ireland), looks like a pretty competitive service at 18 quid or. Services from countries outside the EU are also available.

I suppose what’s most interesting about this is that it puts the organising of a shipment into the hands of the buyer. And I can see it being a useful tool in situations where a seller only offers Collection Only and may not be awake to the numerous shipping options available.

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