Old logo still used by eBay 2 years on

By Chris Dawson June 23, 2014 - 9:14 am

eBay old logo featReading the article on Bamford Trading I was amused to see the old eBay logo, which was much loved but consigned to the rubbish bin in 2012.

You might think the journalist who laid out the article was more than a little shoddy not to include the shiny new logo from the start, but you can hardly blame him when it’s still in use by eBay themselves.

At the time eBay rolled out the new logo they scoured eBay sites worldwide to eradicate all instances of the old logo, but no one seems to have spotted that nearly two years later it’s still up there on the X.Commerce website (which in truth would appear to have been more or less scrapped – now points to eBay Inc and the remaining remnants of X.Commerce are now known as the eBay Developer Program once again).

XCommerce capabilities

Of course X.Commerce being largely mothballed and forgotten doesn’t excuse eBay from having old logos on their own site. Not only is the eBay logo out of date but so are the PayPal, Red Laser and ProStores logos, the GSI and Milo logos are totally missing having been deleted off eBay’s servers. Where still has a logo, but Where has now been swallowed up into PayPal advertising and doesn’t really exist any more.

eBay New Logo FeatHopefully someone at eBay still cares about X.Commerce and will tidy up their logos. In the mean time it’s kind of cute to see the old one still showing it’s face.

Looking at the images on this page I’m back in 2012 and it’s hard to even remember what eBay’s new logo looks like… Here’s what we should be seeing:

  • John
    4 years ago

    Quiet news day?

    • 4 years ago

      Yes it is! But we generally get our best tips for stories from our readers – we’re all ears if you’ve spotted something interesting to share 🙂

      (Plus I like the occasional whinge when something irks me and out of date logos is fair game!)

  • 4 years ago

    Just checked…. eBay have taken down the page at and replaced it with “You are not authorized to access this page”

    If you do want to find out more about eBay’s developer program the new link to follow is, although there’s now absolutely no mention of X.Commerce….

  • tinker
    4 years ago

    hurrah! maybe search will be fixed next

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