Friday funny: Nuisance calls

By Glenn June 13, 2014 - 9:51 am

Glenn is a reader and regular commenter on Tamebay and sometimes he writes for us, sharing his experiences as an ecommerce trader. As many of us do, he’s often plagued with nuisance calls. Today he shares an amusing anecdote of how his last call went:

Telephone conversation last night at home whilst working at my desk.

Caller “Hello is that Mr xxxxx”

Me “Yes.”

Caller “Have you been receiving a high number of nuisance sales calls lately, because if you have we can prevent them.”

Me “So can I “


  • 4 years ago

    I love winding up the callers.
    I had a lady call me, telling me that I had a problem with viruses on my computer.
    I gasped and put on a strange accent and led her on for a bit and then started laughing.
    She said, why was I laughing.
    I replied that it’s a well known scam and thanked her for brightening my day.
    She then told me I was stupid and shouldn’t have wasted HER time.
    Ahh the tables turned !!!!!

  • Lee Pearce
    4 years ago

    It does all depend on how busy I am and my mood at the time, but I have been known to play out some calls.

    I also have lines ready for particular statements:

    “This wont take long”

    Reply – “Its already taken longer than I was prepared to allocate to this” Click

    “Do you want to save money on your (Insert Service)”

    Reply “No, the more money I save, the more money my wife gets to spend” Click

    That said, both my current telephone service and accountant were initiated by cold calls, they were in my thought process when they called, I remember the call for the accountants, as I could hear her scrambling for pen & paper and the surprise in her voice when I said Yes to her initial question.


  • Hereford United Fan
    4 years ago

    The ‘something wrong with your computer calls’ are my favourite. I put them on speaker phone and chat to them while I work.

    I once kept them on the phone for over an hour. I discussed the all sorts on inane things including the weather. He said he was in London. I am too and I was suffering rain. He said it was nice and sunny.

    It was only when I started asking him lots of questions about the Queen that he gave up.

  • northumbrian
    4 years ago

    all telephone calls are a nuisance

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