Neteven partner with Spartoo & open UK office

By Chris Dawson June 24, 2014 - 9:20 am

Neteven smHave you ever wondered where to start when targeting overseas marketplaces? eBay and Amazon are easy enough and almost certainly your existing multichannel management provide can help you there.

What about the French marketplaces however, eBay and Amazon don’t have a majority share as they do in the UK and you’ll need to consider eight or nine marketplaces to ensure your products get seen by interested buyers.

Neteven_Office_UKNeteven open UK office

That’s where Neteven come in, they’ve been helping UK retailers get their products listed on European marketplaces for several years and this month they’ve opened up offices on Regent Street in London, to make sure they have local support.

Neteven offer UK retailers unparalleled access to the biggest EU marketplaces with an audience reach of over 100 million shoppers. The Neteven platform, with integrated translation, makes it quick, easy and profitable to benefit from cross border trade compared to going it alone.

Since the start of the year, they have successfully launched a range of retailers, from Bluebella to Mick’s Garage, on Zalando, La Redoute, Otto, Cdiscount, FNAC, Priceminister (as well as eBay, Amazon and others) with many more retailers in the pipe line.

SpartooNeteven Partner with Spartoo

They’ve also just partnered with Spartoo, one of Europe’s leading online footwear and fashion retailers. are present in more than 20 countries in Europe, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. If you’re a footwear or fashion retailer then you will definitely want to find out more about the Spartoo opportunity.

Ashley_Maroney_NetevenFind out how Neteven can grow your EU sales

The UK Neteven office is now headed up by Ashley Maroney as UK Country Manager (previously at ChannelAdvisor), who has 15 years’ experience in commercial, business development and sales management roles.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Neteven you can contact them through their website or on +44 203 445 0684. Don’t worry if you already have a UK multichannel management solution in place, Neteven will happily work alongside your existing solution to give you access to the EU marketplaces your current provider doesn’t support.

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