eBay Mobile Click & Collect postage bug

By Chris Dawson June 4, 2014 - 10:07 am

eBay Mobile Click and Collect BugTamebay reader Mark reports that there appears to be a bug on the eBay mobile Android and Apple iOS apps preventing postage options from being displayed if a seller offers the Click and Collect service.

When viewing search results the first postage option is displayed, but as soon as you click into the item you’re offered the Click and Collect service but all other postage options then change to “Ask seller for a postage quote”.

This is especially annoying for both sellers offering free post and for sellers who have dutifully taken their time to fill out postage options offering expedited shipping options for additional cost. To have buyers using mobile apps contacting you to ask for postage details is time consuming and totally unnecessary when you’ve already done your job.

For reference the item shown in the image offers Click and Collect at an Argos store for free, 2nd Class for free, 1st Class for 99p, 2nd Class Signed For for 99p and Special Delivery for £6.99. All the buyer sees in this example is Click and Collect or ask the seller.

The only way to currently resolve this issue appears to be to remove the Click and Collect service in which case the normal postage options reappear.

This bug has been reported to eBay who verified it. We’ll let you know if we hear when there’ll be a fix.

Edited to add eBay have told us:

The Click and Collect at Argos issue you identified on mobile has been resolved. Unfortunately, we are seeing an issue with listings on desktop at present but this is being urgently investigated. The issue means some listings are not showing as offering Click and Collect on the View Item Page, although it does show on the subsequent checkout pages.

As you know, the platform for Click and Collect at Argos is a trial platform, and we will work to resolve this as quickly as possible.

  • DBL
    4 years ago

    Also on the mobile app the promotions manager is not showing offers. I have a European client with a UK TV campaign with an opening buy 1 get 1 half price offer over all outlets. There’s a subtitle also stating this on the eBay listing which is viewable on mobile.

    Problem is if they are buying via mobile and buying 2 they’re getting charged for 2 at full price. Apart from the time to refund for those that do let you know, buyers are not going to be happy with this and leave feedback accordingly.

    Come on eBay you’re tightening our standards to impossible levels, you need to step up and get this stuff working so your sellers are not taking the hit for eBay bugs!

    • chrissieboy
      4 years ago

      the empire is crumbling. How much more can we take? Sales practically non-existent as it is.

  • JD
    4 years ago

    In the good years the old eBay mantra of ‘get it out there and fix it on the fly’ was not a problem.

    But now with so much more competition stuff that goes live largely untested and causes issues is likely to make buyers move elsewhere.

    eBay – this is not a time to be sloppy.

    How about a new mantra ‘right first time’?

    • DBL
      4 years ago

      Well said, if they’re making things so tight for as far as service even for those things that are out of our control then they need to up their game also otherwise there’ll be more sellers with bad feedback and defects for eBay’s failings.

  • 4 years ago
    • JD
      4 years ago

      I raised the question of the disappeared shop tick box for search in title and description with CS over 5 weeks ago. I was promised a call back.


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