Linnworks eBay Cross border trade webinar

By Chris Dawson June 3, 2014 - 9:01 am

GlobeHave you never sold internationally before? If not then why not join eBay and Linnworks as they demonstrate how listing translation can boost your sales and open up new markets.

In the webinar they will discuss the concept of translation and the benefits this has for International Retail & Cross Border Trading.

In addition to this they will be providing you with a LIVE Demonstration of localising your listings and pushing them onto an International Marketplace.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday the 18th of June between 3:00 PM & 4:00 PM BST. Sign up now to reserve your place.

  • Martin Derham
    4 years ago

    Having worked through Ebay’s International Growth Programme with Webinterpret, it isn’t as easy as they make it sound.

    My experience has been Title and Description translations wrong or incomplete – the Webinterpret translation algorithm isn’t as clever as they think it is, and it doesn’t translate to commonly used terms in niche markets.

    Problems setting up payment methods correctly. Webinterpret couldn’t do what they said they could.

    Errors on post rate information.

    Moving into international markets is essential for growth but the solution provided is not complete. There is little point in paying for this service if you then have to double check every listing in every language to make sure it is correct. You are probably better off using a multichannel service, and then doing translation yourself on a controlled and targetted basis, so you know what is happening to your listings.

    • james
      4 years ago

      much the same experience of the webinterpret program here.
      massively disappointed with what i’ve received compared to what i was promised.
      i thought i was giving them the most simple and basic of tasks, especially considering this is what they specialise in. it seems it was beyond their capabilities.
      after several weeks of pulling my hair out, daily contact, lack of response, being passed from pillar to post, unfulfilled promises, having my eBay account restriced several times, we now finally have 500+ products for sale in europe (still at the wrong price, i’ve given up asking them to fix things, cant risk them restricting my eBay account again).
      we’ve got two sales so far, soooooooo not worth the hassle.
      – if you already dropship, and dont mind your product being taken completely out of your control (but still suffer the feedback consequences), then webinterpret may be for you.
      if you want to actually have some control over where you offer your product, the price, how its described (rather than an unchecked hack-and-slash google translate job), then webinterpret should be avoided.

    • admiralhardinge
      4 years ago

      You can change your listings if you log in to the relevant site directly e,g, but it is a lot of pain and this undermines the Webinterpret service. You can’t make any change to a listing by using the UK site, even though your foreign site listings show as active items on the UK site.

      If you don’t have foreign language skills then it is a massive gamble to use Webinterpret because you don’t know if your products are being misrepresented or properly promoted to buyers.

  • 4 years ago

    Sorry to hear problems with a cross border tool mentioned above. I hope this does not discourage other sellers to sell to European market which we know is must for most British businesses.

    I guess any outsourcing of work brings challenges & what we have experienced is the same. It may worth to look out for local translating agencies for your listings and manage your listings yourself. If tambayguide has not got info on this area, this is something to add on. This gives you full control.

    I am sure there are alternatives available which translate your listings not with programs but are human translated. This will incur higher investment but I am sure you get better ROI.

    If you need help finding right tool, I am sure Chris and Dan can help you out. Otherwise, you can always email me.

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