Iwoca heads to Yorkshire. Leeds meet-up 19/6/14

By Dan Wilson June 11, 2014 - 12:48 am

Over the past few years, the meet-ups organised by ecommerce and SME lender Iwoca have been some of best events out there.

Next week, the Iwoca train heads north to Yorkshire and the great city of Leeds for the first time. Join in the throng at the Midnight Bell on Water Lane from 6pm. There will be drinks and nibbles courtesy of Iwoca and sponsors, as per.

Full details here.

I shall be in attendance talking a bit about the current state of ecommerce and eBay at the moment. I suspect I may grumble a fair bit about how poorly eBay has dealt with the hack crisis and how I think they owe it to sellers to inspire renewed confidence from buyers. Their current efforts are pathetic. But we shall see.

Other speakers and topics will doubtless be far more original and enjoyable:

– Katy Wilson (Sage Pay) – Turning browsers into buyers: how to optimise your webstore and improve conversions.

– Willem Rowies (Webinterpret) – Best practice to boost your international sales.

Do come along if you are nearby. It would be great to meet you and much of the value in such events is meeting other ecommerce professionals. There is usually a really good vibe.

See you there!

  • 3 years ago

    Will be there. If anyone has any questions regarding the integration and automating the marketplace process or are looking into the SocialSelling aspects then do look out for Mr.Fab.

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